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Original Sinners

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Tiziano Fuentes and Diego Lauzen sneak away into the Costa Rican jungle with D.O., and it’s Tiziano and Diego who are on the menu! Tiziano is a handsome, lean, and seductive son of a bitch, and he makes it his sole mission to give both D.O. and Diego as much pleasure as possible. Diego bends over and gives D.O. a deep-swallowing blowjob as Tiziano eats out the plump ass that Diego constantly shows off; he certainly makes a meal of it! D.O. wants to know what he’s missing out on so everyone switches spots so Diego is sucking Tiziano and getting his ass eaten by D.O.! Diego is the first to fuck Tiziano deep in his hungry ass, and the Latin king doesn’t hold back before D.O. rolls on a condom and gets in on the hard-pounding action!



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  • edwinpdr posted an update

    Btw the sound of the forest gets to be annoying and distracting to the whole scene!!

    Posted on May 07, 2013
    • Rimmers69

      i do agree, the noise of the crickets are annoying but the HOT action compensates..... ;-)

      Posted on May 11, 2013
  • Gmhphil posted an update

    Diego is amazing I can't wait to see him get DPed! What a fabulous ass a combo of DO and Rafael Alencar. Michael great selection and how wise of you to space out releasing the scene. Keep us in suspense!

    Posted on May 07, 2013
  • Pablo posted an update

    I cannot wait for Jesse Santana 's scene, hurry up and come..

    Posted on May 07, 2013
  • Pablo posted an update

    I cannot wait for Jesse Santana 's scene, hurry up and come..

    Posted on May 07, 2013
  • Quercus posted an update

    Diego Lauzen has amazing glutes. This is a super film. Wonderful trio, great oral work. Oh to be the guy in the middle sucking while being rimmed or fucked. What a fantasy! Beautiful scenery, fine photography, and just super actors. Too bad all that man creme was wasted. Adam Killian is becoming quite impressive in all his various roles. Another winner for Lucas.

    Posted on May 05, 2013
  • edwinpdr posted an update

    Hot Latino 3 way in an exotic Central American location! It could have been hotter if Jake Genesis is in between D.O. & Diego before he quit! D.O. always looking exotic & hot! More of D.O. with Alex Marte & Rogan Richards!

    Posted on May 03, 2013
  • jeremy posted an update

    hot Latino scene,i love seeing Diego Lauzen big ass getting fuck.

    Posted on May 03, 2013