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Fire Island Cruising 2


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Fine finally gets to meet Lucas, who turns out to be more than he bargained for. Fine, usually a top, gets his smooth, perfect little butt ripped open by Lucas's long pole. Watch as Lucas forces the whimpering, pleading Fine further than hes ever gone before in a scene that is destined to become a classic.



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  • posted an update

    This was complusive if not easy viewing. I watched in a kind of horrified fascination, sometimes highly amused, sometimes dismayed. This Ritchie Fine went from channeling 'James Dean' cool to a snivelling wreck, seemingly the pain outweighing the pleasure. Peppered with maniacal giggling. I'm thinking that out of respect for his ass he should forget bottoming or, from my POV, better yet try another career. 'Do you want fries with that' while being rather tedious and low paid would apparently be easier for him than this! If he cant fully enjoy bottoming for Michael Lucas I'd hazard a guess he is not cut out for it....
    As to the amusing.... well it may be my vivid imagination but when he cheekily tells Michael, 'Get your leg out I dont want to see that' I couldnt help thinking he was parroting back what was being said to him. Had to smile. I've seen Michael being, shall I say, a little definite about what he wants scene partners to do and I must admit I find even bossy Michael endearing. Not a word he'd probably approve of but still....

    Overall, I cant say I enjoyed this, but it certainly kept me watching! This guy may not be aptly named in this scene he didnt seem to be feeling too fine...

    Posted on Dec 24, 2012