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Love and Devotion

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It feels like an eternity to Micah Brandt as he waits for Tyler Wolf to return from his solitary boating adventure on the waters surrounding Fire Island. Micah waits by the pool bathing in the sunlight until his lover returns, who he seduces into the water where they kiss and embrace like newfound partners. Micah is a submissive bottom that takes complete pleasure in making sure his man has a good time. He pays total attention to Tyler’s needs, sucking his cock in the pool and forgetting about the world around him. When Tyler enters Micah and begins making love to him, it’s an exquisite explosion of emotion!




Micah Brandt

Micah Brandt

Micah Brandt is a mocha-colored hunk who is all bottom and proud of it! Micah is a guy who knows how to take it, which is why he and Tom Wolfe are a great pairing on camera! Micah enjoys men and sex, so porn is the best way for him to supplement his income as a server. Micah once committed the sinfully fun act of having gay sex in a church! The only thing more sinful than that is his love for the Harry Potter book series.

Tyler Wolf

Tyler Wolf

There are two things that Tyler Wolf loves: sneakers and porn. Fortunately, they both go great together and Tyler should do porn while wearing all of his favorite sneakers! Tyler works as a dancer and escort when he’s not performing in porn and his favorite activity in bed is eating ass and having his own chowed down on. There’s not one aspect of sex Tyler doesn’t enjoy, and Tyler’s great fantasy is to be stopped by a sexy cop and the only way he’ll be able to get out of trouble is by offering up his ass!

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  • DugEFresh posted an update

    This scene was AMAZING!!!...It was so wonderful to see passion & romance in gay porn for a change. And Tyler & Micah make a great pair...hint hint.

    Posted on Oct 15, 2013
  • John123 posted an update

    So hot, Tyler and Micah make a great pair the passion seemed genuine. Really great scene

    Posted on Oct 15, 2013
  • SCstud posted an update

    Adam, more of your best work. Authentic hint of acting! Thanks for turning up the audio so we can share the whispers of love.

    Posted on Oct 14, 2013