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Max Roddick and Jason Tyler clearly enjoy lifting weights and sucking dick. The muscle studs love to 69 and take turns swallowing each others thick fucksticks. Tyler soon gets his ass plowed by Roddicks hard tool. Tyler thanks his hunky top for a great fuck by sucking the cum out of his dick.

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Jason Tyler

Jason Tyler

Watch out, porn fanatics! Jason Tyler is ready to make it big, and we're not just talking about his 9x6 cock either. Jason began working in adult entertainment as a way to hopefully get on television one day. In the meantime, we hardly mind seeing him here where there are no parental ratings or censored gentalia. An artist all-around, Jason enjoys photography, painting, interior design, and music in his time spent away from adult film. A versatile top, Jason likes to keep things passionate, and always loves getting a good blowjob or ramming someone doggy style. A spontaneous lover, Jason is also non-discriminating when it comes to features such as race, age, and body type. Who knows what will turn him on? It could be you!

Max Roddick

Max Roddick

Tan and sculpted Max Roddick loves nothing more than working out and having sex. The two go hand in hand as he often has sex at the gym! A versatile top, impulsive Max began working in adult entertainment on a whim. He is currently single and living in New York City, and can be found strutting around the Lower East Side on any given day of the week, likely cruising for a hot Latin guy to give his seven and a half inch girth to. Max's professionalism comes from his background: he's a successful business owner doing this purely for fun! Our kind of guy...

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Max Roddick and Jason Tyler
from Cock Cribs
on 11.17.09

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