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Inside Prague


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Lucas exclusive Jonathan has a kinky threesome with studs Elgin and Jon, topping them both as their supple asses hang in the air in anticipation!


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Elgin Lars

Elgin Lars

Elgin is a student in Prague who loves working out. His buffed physique is proof of that... and his sexy threesome with Jonathan Vargas and Jon Agasi in Inside Prague is further proof that he should be fucking on camera for years to come!

Jon Agasi

Jon Agasi

Cutie Jon's threesome scene in Inside Prague with Jonathan Vargas and Elgid Lars is a must see. Who knew two hungry buttholes propped up in the air next to each other for a good fucking could be so hot?

Jonathan  Vargas

Jonathan Vargas

Newbie Jonathan has the looks, the smarts, and the boundless sex drive that we look for in all of our exclusive models. A New York City native, he's loving the life as a student in the city, and even though he's been seeing someone special, he's dedicated to getting his porn career up and running! Based on his debut sex scene in Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita with Pete Ross and his scenes with Jason Ridge in The Intern and Encounters 5 (the last of which he bottoms for the first time), it's a career with LOTS of potential!

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  • bowles posted an update

    Dark-haired Jonathan contrasts well with Greek Gods, Elgin and Jon, and It is good that they do not sport tattoos .I can easily imagine a Perspex sculpture of the three figures , and I would entitle it "Upturned"., Bottoming, and Male Kama Sutra positions, never got better ! Even framed Stills from this video would be regarded as beautiful art forms, in New York....

    Posted on Mar 20, 2015
  • bowles posted an update

    This is a perfectly brilliant orchestrated Threesome. The Long Haired Lovers appear to have come straight out of Michaelangelo`s Sculpture Gallery. Their up turned, well - rounded butts, however, must be regarded as Modern Art.. and most surely .. A Monument to Male Eroticism. Seriously, though, Michael Lucas should think about commissioning a bronze, or highly polished stone sculpture of this Group. "A Limited Edition" would be highly collectable, and one day, might find their way into a Public Art Gallery !

    Posted on Mar 18, 2015