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Unlike the boys who came (and came!) before him, RJ Alexander decides to keep the key instead of discarding it, and after his encounter with Johnny Angel, we can see why he wants a return visit. Tattooed Johnny strips with RJ and they eagerly exchange blowjobs without a moment's hesitation. Johnny pushes RJ against the wall and dives tongue-first into his exquisite rump. Johnny spreads RJ's legs apart and, for lack of a better term, dicks him down like an animal in heat! RJ gasps in disbelief as Johnny goes deeper and harder at an accelerated pace. Johnny jackhammers RJ's ass and bounces him across the bed until he erupts from the heat and the RUSH!

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Johnny Angel

Johnny Angel

You can tell that Johnny is a real angel by the wings he has tattooed on his back, by how immaculate he appears in a pair of clean white briefs, and of course by his eagerness to help his partners find heaven on earth. His boyish jock features provoke daydreams, and his bad boy attitude doesn't stand in the way one bit. With tattoos galore, a tall muscular frame, and a pixel-perfect ass, Johnny already drives his scene buddies crazy. Once he starts slurping his elastic lips around a hung cock, they really go over the edge. Johnny becomes more popular with each movie he completes! Check out his latest scenes below.

R.J. Alexander

R.J. Alexander

Chicago-cum-NYC law student RJ Alexander began his dalliance with gay adult movies after being a longtime fan. "I love porn," he said. "I love to be sexual. I prefer to top with some guys, and prefer to bottom with other guys." This perfect versatile has been known to get down and dirty on weight benches at the gym... as long as there's nobody around! He cites the Fire Island Cruising series as his favorite film franchise of all time (no arguments here!) and it's just that type of enthusiasm that makes him a great discovery for Lucas Entertainment! Check out his grand debut, bottoming for Lucas favorite Johnny Angel in the brand new feature film, RUSH!

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