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Hooking Up

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This is the ultimate scenario for anyone with a daddy fetish: Arpad Miklos appears in all his furry, muscle-bear glory and the object of his affection is the slim and slender blond bottom Justin Cruise. They begin by exchanging text messages, which eventually leads to Arpad escorting the twink back to his bedroom for some hardcore fun. Arpad moves in for some kissing as soon they’re through the door -- but the best part is when they both take their clothes off. Justin is smooth, small, and lean. Arpad is tall, brawny, and hairy. Justin is a submissive guy, totally getting off on pleasuring an older man. He first uses his mouth on Arpad’s huge uncut cock; after the top is hard Justin bends over on the bed where he gets his ass played with. Arpad uses his the dildo modeled after his own meat before giving the twink what he’s really after -- the real thing between Arpad’s legs. Arpad thrusts into Justin long and hard before they both reach climax!




Arpad Miklos

Arpad Miklos

Arpad Miklos will always be remembered for single-handedly defining the role of muscular daddy bears in mainstream gay porn. The Hungarian performer appeared in over 100 movies and scenes, a career in adult entertainment that spanned 15 years. Arpad starred in 14 Lucas Entertainment films, where he always took on the role of an alpha power top. But beneath his beefy exterior the man had a heart of gold; Arpad was always laid back and kind, willing to help out anyone who needed him. Arpad Miklos will be for how sexy he was on the outside and how beautiful he was on the inside.

Justin Cruise

Justin Cruise

Justin Cruise is one of the hottest Russian imports since Michael Lucas himself! Justin has a sexy, come-hither face that begs everyone and anyone to fucking long and rough. Originally born in Hungary, Justin grew up in Russia where he honed his youthful good looks. Justin was inspired to enter the gay porn industry after seeing some of Michael’s own films, and now he’s the studio’s latest exclusive. There’s one fantasy that Justin can’t let go of: he wants to take center stage during a 10-hour, nonstop gangbang. Now that would make one hell of a movie!

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  • rextrek posted an update

    well If I were Justin, I'd SAVE this Memory Of Arpad deep in my Heart! XXX RIP Arpad!

    Posted on Mar 01, 2015
  • Jaime Lesmecs posted an update

    Not sure what was hotter: Justin taking Arpad's dildo and then his dick up his ass or deep-throating him to get things started. Either way, Justin took Arpad expertly while Arpad took him masterfully.

    Posted on Jan 02, 2014
  • haarahaukka posted an update

    Justin is very, very hot and fuckable. More, please!

    Posted on Dec 22, 2013
    • michaellucas

      And you will see more of him.

      Posted on Dec 24, 2013
  • maximus88 posted an update

    I want to be fucked like Justin!

    Posted on Sep 29, 2013
    • Rimmers69

      I agree Larrylevin71, with respect for Arpad Milkos who left us much too soon ……

      Posted on Oct 02, 2013
    • maximus88

      I agree, but he left us a lot of beautiful videos to watch. I posted it before I knew he died(

      Posted on Oct 05, 2013
    • jeremy1

      @maxand have ever right to comment.if i die,i will to love to some to still talk about me.@maxand is talking about his great life,if you dont talk about him your making him more dead
      true it a very hot scene.
      I love the way Arpad to fuck the bottom

      Posted on Oct 11, 2013
  • Radish posted an update

    R.I.P. Arpad you were the best :-(

    Posted on Jun 28, 2013
  • Radish posted an update

    ...speachless...10/10 xxx

    Posted on Jun 28, 2013
  • jajone04 posted an update

    To bad Arpad died... He waw one of my favourites.

    Posted on Jun 25, 2013
    • Rimmers69

      Arpad was one of my favorits too and i will always remember Him.
      Nice to see him in this new scene in Hooking Up. I miss Justin Cruise too .....

      Posted on Jun 25, 2013
    • Rimmers69

      It would be great to be friends jajone04

      Posted on Jun 25, 2013
  • Rimmers69 posted an update

    Nice to see Arpad Miklos and Justin Cruise in this HOT scene. I bought the download of the full movie today and i'm happy i did.

    Posted on Jun 25, 2013
  • Greyan posted an update

    Its a delight to see JC but really this was heartrending. Any words are pretty futile, I clearly didn't know this man, Arpad, but for a few reasons I feel a certain affinity. Its just so very sad and despite know I'm over-reacting to the death of a stranger it brought me to tears.

    Posted on Jun 24, 2013