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Dick Hungry

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Alexy Tyler is hard at work when his hook-up, Adrian Long, shows up and pulls him away from his job with some making out and a deep, wet blowjob. Alexy loves the heavy sucking action and grabs Adrian’s neck and head to let him know he’s doing a great job. Alexy and Adrian strip off their clothes to switch around the action: Adrian leans against the wall with his erection hard and alert, ready for Alexy to wrap his masculine lips around the head and shaft and start sucking. Adrian turns around for Alexy and bends over the buff stud and buries his mouth between Adrian’s cheeks and eat out his hole. Once Adrian is wet and lathered Alexy rolls on a condom and sticks his dick so far up Adrian’s ass he can’t handle it at first. Adrian is usually on top, causing Alexy to take it upon himself to fuck Adrian just the way he needs it. Alexy takes a seat on his desk chair and Adrian in turn takes a seat on his cock, riding and hopping up and down on his hard-on. The guys switch positions and Adrian eats out Alexy before laying him on his back, lifting his legs up in the air, and plunges his cock deep inside Alexy’s hole. The hunk’s muscles flex as he gets pounded!




Adrian Long

Adrian Long

Adrian Long has the look of a top fashion model, but lucky for us, he is a total-top porn star! This chiseled stud is turned on by athletic and natural men. Adrian Long’s fantasy fuck includes being with two hot bottoms as he fucks them both hard. His favorite part of sex is rimming and screwing doggy-style. Besides getting naked and sweaty, Adrian loves the movies, running, and reading.

Alexy Tyler

Alexy Tyler

Seasoned sex-pro Alexy Tyler knows his way around a hot body. He is a versatile performer who enjoys everything from being a power-bottom to an aggressive top. The wildest place Alexy Tyler has been pounded is in an elevator. His favorite part of sex is shooting out a huge load while being slammed by a muscular top. His celebrity fantasy is to rope down Tom Cruise and have the fuck of his life!

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  • creepyforest posted an update

    why don't we actually see Alexy cumming in this scene? There are photos that he does but nothing in this scene unless i am missing something

    Posted on Feb 15, 2013
  • sfmatt posted an update

    How is it that Adrian gets hotter and hotter with each video?!? :)

    Posted on Nov 15, 2012
    • adrianlong

      Thanks man!!! ;-p Do my best!!

      Posted on Nov 15, 2012
    • Gid-thelegguy

      Yeah sfmatt is right, you look incredibly hot, keep things on going Adrian, you are so sexy!

      Posted on Nov 18, 2012
    • AL27

      Posted on Mar 03, 2013
    • hawsh

      Posted on Mar 03, 2013
  • SCstud posted an update

    Alexy, your butt looks more generous... Me like! I love a big meal, if you know what I mean. You're simply gorgeous!

    Posted on Nov 13, 2012
  • leconte posted an update

    Nov 6

    Hot scene. Loved Adrian's ass against the skyline and that stairwell sequence was great: Alexy has gorgeous tatoos. Sequence really flowed!

    Posted on Nov 06, 2012
  • Gid-thelegguy posted an update

    Both Adrian and Alexy look so beautiful in this scene, more than ever before. The new bearded look suits them both pretty well. Their lean, muscular bodies are amazingly ripped, the one almost totally smooth, the other with just a little body hair and both with an incredibly tasty big cock. These guys seem to be really into each other, according to the passionate, greedy way they make out and explore each other's cock and manhole before fucking the shit out of each other. What a joy to watch these stallions in hot action!

    Posted on Nov 03, 2012
  • em posted an update

    it's not working..

    Posted on Nov 02, 2012