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Fire Island Cruising 3


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Later, Rochelle and Gonzales arrive at the orgy, which has nearly wound down. They find themselves in a raunchy fourway with big, muscular Diego Alvarez. And statuesque black stud Chas Omar

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Chas Omar

Chas Omar

Michael Lucas discovered Chas Omar at the gym, where they both worked out.

Diego Alvarez

Diego Alvarez

Diego Alvarez could be a much bigger star if he wanted to be. Unfortunately for the porn world, however, he prefers to focus on bartending at a local NYC bar and keeping his budding DJ career going than performing his sex-crazed antics for the camera. But this sweet guy and versatile performer will always get cast in more of our movies whenever he's ready...

Marco Rochelle

Marco Rochelle

Marco Rochelle is arguably the hardest working performer out there. When Michael Lucas discovered him in Paris — and subsequently cast him in the production Inside Paris — he immediately saw Rochelle's potential to become a big star, and signed the versatile performer as a Lucas Entertainment exclusive. Since then, the well-tailored and mild-mannered Marco has become a hit with industry folks and fans alike, garnering a reputation as a true class act.

Rick Gonzales

Rick Gonzales

This Uruguayan has a great combination package of face, body, ass, and dick. If we could just unscramble whatever the hell he's talking about all the time through his adorably thick accent we'd really be set! One of Rick's talents is that he's a professionally trained acrobat, and we constantly have to pull him away from walking around on his hands or doing cartwheels on the set to get him back to work. And if it hadn't been for one fate filled day in 1999, when Michael Lucas discovered the fun-loving Rick doing handstands for tourists in Stonewall Park on Christopher Street, we may never have had the chance to embark on this long-standing work relationship with him.

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  • MSChocolate posted an update

    I agree with bigRED. the orgy scene was great. The combinations worked and everyone seemed satisfied. Except me because I was not there.

    Posted on Feb 25, 2013
  • bigRED posted an update

    Diego Alvarez Diego Alvarez Diego Alvarez. MORE MORE MORE MORE !!!!!!! I saw him at the Eagle NYC code night Hot Damn still smoking HOT I could play with his hole for hours.

    Posted on Feb 24, 2013