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Beautiful Carlos Morales is holing up with his new lover, blond bombshell Richie Fine. Morales has one of the best asses in porn, and Fine goes to town on it. Hungry Morales can barely contain his lust. While getting slammed by Fine from behind, he cant stop himself from Cumming on the spot. Ever the trooper, he flips right back around so that Fine can keep banging him. Then, Erik Martins bangs on the door, pushes Fine aside, and kidnaps Morales to be brought to Lucas.

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Carlos Morales

Carlos Morales

Carlos has been a consistent and reliable performer for our company during almost it's entire history, and he has proven himself a mainstay in the within the industry itself. The acclaimed international model and dancer was the winner of the 2002 Grabby Award for "Best Performer of the Year" and 2001 GayVN Award for "Best Threesome" (Vengeance), not counting being the recipient of numerous other nominations and acclaims.

Richie Fine

Richie Fine

Cute face, great body, beautiful dick, fuckable ass, and TOTALLY insane! Richie was extremely difficult to work with. He's both unstable and delusional. He consistently kept the entire cast and crew waiting on his unpredictable behavior and ridiculous shenanigans. Richie could have had a much better career if he wasn't completely nuts and someone could actually track him down. Richie come back to us!!!

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