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Auditions 31: Israeli Auditions


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After discussing gay life in Tel Aviv with Michael Lucas, Israeli twinks Ben David and Idan Segev cant wait to play with each other, and begin their audition by making out and massaging each others smooth bodies. Idan deep throats Bens fat meat while spanking his partners firm ass. The two switch position and Idan face fucks Ben, then quickly bends over and spreads his checks for Bens thick member. Idan lies back as Ben blows a thick wad all over Idan!

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Ben David

Ben David

Ben David may be a second generation Israeli, but his heritage is actually Iraqi! While he's never been to Baghdad, he is very well-traveled, and lived for a brief period in Houston, Texas as a cosmetics salesman. Currently the hottest pizza delivery boy in Tel Aviv, Ben enjoys where he is now most of all. We're not sure if it's the hot gay guys, the freedom, or just the beach that has Ben excited, but it's probably a mixture of all three. Four months shy of being a real-life ‘90s baby, young Ben had his first gay sexual experience with another boy when he was a teen, describing it as being like a game. We would say I'll suck you if you suck me. However, two years later a confused Ben David decided to chart out unknown territory: sex with a girl. Don't click away! He hated it, of course! When pressed he told Michael Lucas I didn't like it. And I didn't even cum, not even once. Ben enjoys making friends, playing music, and prefers a hearty steak to the pizzas he's often carting around. He sees himself as a versatile top, and cites his favorite activities as fucking and sucking. Sounds good to us! Check out his latest adventure in Lucas's Israeli Auditions!

Idan Segev

Idan Segev

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, the Russian Idan Segev always knew that he was gay, but waited until the age of 20 to have his first sexual experience. He loves living in Tel Aviv because he says that it is the most fun city in all of Israel and the least homophobic. His favorite food is also seafood, which Tel Aviv is also known for. You might find him on any given night hanging out at King George Street, going shopping, having a drink, or getting ready to party. There are lots of parties in Tel Aviv, Segev told director Michael Lucas in an exclusive interview. As any devout Lucas viewer knows, there are also a lot of hot men! When it comes to meeting guys, Idan is versatile but prefers to take the passive role, and cites his favorite activities as fucking and kissing. Watch him do what he loves in Michael Lucas' latest release, Israeli Auditions!

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