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Fire Island Cruising 6


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Hey friends and fans (sounds weird to say fans because I never expected to have fans in my life!), this is AXEL BROOKS in my first experience on! I was asked to introduce myself, so that’s exactly what I will do in the next few lines. I’m from Barcelona, Spain, I’m 30 years old and my first experience in front of the cameras was a few years ago, when I started commercial modeling. To be honest, I loved it! I did this for a few years along with a job in telecommunications until one day the opportunity to work in porn knocked on my door. I decided to jump into the new adventure and worked with a few companies making movies until my agent found me a place in the next Lucas Entertainment movie, Spanish Seductions. I loved the experience working with such a hot American company and such a different team! Thanks to everyone and especially to Michael Lucas, Nate and mr.Pam, because they are great and they made the work easier than ever. And thanks to Rafael Carreras for the hot scene! One of the things I love to do besides porn is meditation. I think I have a mystic side that from time to time combines with my lustful side, depending on the day. I mean, I don’t usually have a combination of my two loves but when it appears, wowowow! The combination between Zen and passionate sex is incredible and that mixture of flavors is what makes me feel happiest. So...LIFE IS TOO SHORT, SO LET’S FUCK AND ENJOY OUR FANTASIES TO THE MAX! I give a thousand of thanks to all the people that supported me from the very first beginning in this new adventure. I feel really proud to see how many people there are that are supporting and encouraging me to give all my best. That’s something that makes you think a lot and reach the conclusion that you are doing a great job…so this is all for you, just for you...HONESTLY, THANKS WITH ALL MY HEART. Hope you enjoy Spanish Seductions the same way I did...or even nastier ;) Love Axel Brooks ***Be sure to follow our behind-the-scenes look at Axel Brooks' new movie Spanish Seductions here!


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Wilson Vasquez

Wilson Vasquez

Baby-faced Wilson was working as a personal trainer at a New York City gym when Michael Lucas spotted and immediately cast him in Fire Island Cruising Parts 5 & 6. Along with being a magnetic performer, Wilson also turned out to be a big sweetheart on the set, always really mellow and easy to work with. Yet somehow a year went by before we managed to lure him back with a handful of steamy scenes for our Encounters series (one that co-stars fellow exclusive Bruce Beckham and is directed by the legendary RuPaul), his very own edition of our award-winning Auditions series, and a meaty role in Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita.

Rob Ramos

Rob Ramos

Rob Ramos is as sweet as he is adorable. He's a construction worker when he's not doing films for us (could that be any hotter?), and he's currently single "but looking," he says with that magnetic grin of his.

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