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Uncut Cock Pool Party


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Akos Piros, Kevin Cage, and Tom Ryan are all sitting around in the cigar lounge patiently awaiting their entertainment: the raunchy seductions of Will Faust. With a massive black dildo, his own fist, and the piss of his onlookers, Will gives a raunchy show none are soon to forget.

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Akos Piros

Akos Piros

Versatile Akos likes everything about sex, especially S/M. When he's not doing porn he's a seminar trainer in "soft skills." We don't know what that means, exactly, but we like it. And him.

Will Faust

Will Faust

Will is a sex pig if we ever saw one! Self-fister, dildo-lover, and piss-recipient—it's all there in his hardcore scene in Uncut Cock Pool Party!

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  • bowles posted an update

    Obviously, "where there is "A Will, there`s a way"...Will Faust put on a good show with the dildo, and he could have selected a much larger one, because the viewers were clearly turned on. I am surprised that they didn`t passionately chew their cigars whilst he fisted himself so thoroughly, but they were oh- too- cool and laid back to help Will, on his way to "Anal Heaven". The mood was good, but the Water sports lacked the earlier Pizazz....

    Posted on Aug 25, 2015
  • Supersperm posted an update

    That`s really hot

    Posted on Dec 12, 2012
    • michaellucas

      Get ready for Rod Daily\'s self-fisting in 2013.

      Posted on Dec 14, 2012