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Auditions 29: Lucky Daniels' Shameless Hole


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These three international hunks go head to dick, alternately kissing, sucking, and tugging on one another, quickly stripping off Romarios jeans. AJ, sandwiched between two chiseled 6 packs, moves between Valentins and Romarios huge members, inhaling them with gusto. After several more creative positions in this oral daisy chain, Valentin gives AJ a rapid fire rim job while AJ continues to devour Romarios thick cock. Soon enough AJ gets it in both ends, Valentin in his ass and Romario in his mouth. The scene ends with two thick piles of cum shot onto AJs chin, and AJs own pop shot on his stomach.

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AJ Milano

AJ Milano

Columbian Twink AJ Milano, ass-up and face-down, is a sight every power top dreams about. The dreamy and boyish Milano came from Columbia to Missouri where he quickly realized he likes to play for the camera. With twinkling brown eyes, a slim physique and a hungry attitude when it comes to performing in group scenes, AJ Milano is a bottom for the record books.

Romario Forio

Romario Forio

What is it about the Columbian hulk Romario that causes us to salivate so obscenely? Is it his enormous sculpted arms, strong enough to toss you across the room? Or is it in his defined abs and powerful pecs? Is it in his lips, or in his kiss? It's all of the above... and of course one can't help drool over his massive dick, which he shows off to great prowess in Auditions 29: Lucky Daniels' Shameless Hole. Engaging in a torrid threeway with an eager bottom and another hungry top, it's all eyes on Romario and his body that never quits. South America keeps busting out the hits when it comes to superstar onscreen fuckers, and Romario (a permanent resident of Florida), is the most flawless reminder of why.

Valentin Petrov

Valentin Petrov

Valentin works as a cook in Moscow, and lived in France for a few years. He dreams of someday leaving his homeland for America, but in the meantime, he was happy to get fucked by Michael Lucas in MICHAEL DOES RUSSI

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  • bowles posted an update

    A.J Milano would be better suited to Joey Pele, as both have lithe bodies and exude charisma.

    Posted on Feb 18, 2015