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Heat Wave 2

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It doesn't take long for muscle-hunk Adam Killian and blond sex-pot Chris Daniels' boat ride to heat up: while still on the dock, the two embrace for some hot kissing and groping. Adam breaks away to board the boat, Chris unties from the dock, and they're off. While on the open water, they slide out of their shorts, revealing their tight blue Speedos, and Chris starts work on Adam's thick meat with his hungry lips. Adam holds Chris' head as it bobs up and down -- he's more than comfortable lounging on the deck! It's soon Chris' turn, who peels off his Speedo, letting his big dick flop out so Adam can eat it up. They lick and lather each other's cocks before Chris sit on Adam's face, who happily eats out his hole: Chris' face scrunches up in ecstasy (and some fingers even slip in his ass, too)! When the fucking begins, Adam pushes Chris against the boat's deck, hoists his legs up in the area, and repeatedly fucks him deep and without mercy! Chris flips around in various positions -- sitting on Adam's lap, bending him over the bow -- letting him plow the blond stud hard until he bursts with cum!



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  • crazyforkillian posted an update


    Posted on Feb 07, 2013
  • Greyan posted an update

    Well the bow scene sure put the iconic scene from Titanic in the shade ;-) Now this is a fab-u-lous boat trip, sexy motor cruiser, sexy setting and two very sexy guys. Tres jolie

    Posted on Dec 31, 2012
  • Gid-thelegguy posted an update

    Beautiful view, Adam with his full ass up in the air while Chris is eating his big manmeat and balls, followed by some good assplay. Adam at his turn knows how to deal with an amazing sexy stud like Chris by eating his blond ass greedily and worshipping his big tasty cock and fingering his smooth manhole before pounding the shit out of it. Sun makes horny, but with two sex oozing stallions like these guys, that is just an extra. Stunning!

    Posted on Dec 08, 2012