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Return to Fire Island: Director's Cut

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Return to Fire Island: Director's Cut Front Cover

FIRE ISLAND -- the getaway destination known for its lush sunsets, breathtaking nude beaches, and stunning men. Michael Lucas ventures back to the locale made famous in the FIRE ISLAND CRUISING series. Ten steamy sex scenes provide a sampling of the unbridled sexuality pulsing through the island. Follow snobby Jackson Wild as he gets pounded by the hunky Rod Barry and Rafael Alencar. Lucas Exclusive Wilfried Knight plows his way through Mike Dreyden, Ryan Raz, and Andy Kay. Muscular Jacob Samson humps horse hung Jason Crew and Ryan Raz is cornholed by studs Nick Capra and Ridge Michaels. Nick Capra and Rusty Stevens cruise each others toned bodies in the Meat Rack, the notorious Fire Island hookup spot. Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Ben Andrews plunges his fat meat into slender Danny Parker's slot. Jason Crew, Ridge Michaels, and Luca Ciccone get into each other's swimwear in an explosive scene on the beach, while Exclusives Michael Lucas and Wilfried Knight open up Jackson Wild as the sun sets on their mind-blowing sexual escapades. Find out why everyone is booking their next vacation at the palatial Belvedere Hotel in RETURN TO FIRE ISLAND.

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Nov 17, 2008

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Lucas Entertainment

Runtime: 241 minutes

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