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Inside Prague - Front Cover

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Michael Lucas and exclusive Jonathan Vargas delve deep INSIDE PRAGUE, where they fuck hardcore with a fresh cast of kinky twinks! This Director's Edition is available only from and has 3 hours, 17 guys, 5 scenes, 2 bonus kink scenes and 8 watersports scenes on a two disc set!!!


Release Date: Sep 28, 2007
Runtime: 180 minutes
Genre: Gay Porn

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Anton Artis - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Anton Artis

Single guy Anton may identify as bi, but you'd think he's all dick watching his scene in Inside Prague. He and Jacky Jackie flip flop fuck and eat each other's cum like there's no tomorrow!

Cesear - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Cesar's kinky MEMBERS ONLY scene with Dante features feet, whips, fingering and 69. Their watersports scene can be scene on Inside Prague.

Dante - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Brown-haired Dante loves all kinds of sexual positions, and he tries them out with Toni Luka in Inside Prague!

Devin - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Devin's kinky MEMBERS ONLY scene with Marik features feet, whips, and ass-play. Their watersports scene can be scene on Inside Prague.

Elgin Lars - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Elgin Lars

Elgin is a student in Prague who loves working out. His buffed physique is proof of that... and his sexy threesome with Jonathan Vargas and Jon Agasi in Inside Prague is further proof that he should be fucking on camera for years to come!

Jacky Jackie - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Jacky Jackie

Blond twink Jacky loves to 69 and does just so for us in Inside Prague with Anton Artis. They also eat each other's cum after flip-flop fucking!

Jon Agasi - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Jon Agasi

Cutie Jon's threesome scene in Inside Prague with Jonathan Vargas and Elgid Lars is a must see. Who knew two hungry buttholes propped up in the air next to each other for a good fucking could be so hot?

Jonathan  Vargas - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Jonathan Vargas

Newbie Jonathan has the looks, the smarts, and the boundless sex drive that we look for in all of our exclusive models. A New York City native, he's loving the life as a student in the city, and even though he's been seeing someone special, he's dedicated to getting his porn career up and running! Based on his debut sex scene in Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita with Pete Ross and his scenes with Jason Ridge in The Intern and Encounters 5 (the last of which he bottoms for the first time), it's a career with LOTS of potential!

Jonathan Maldini - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Jonathan Maldini

Hottie Jonathan gets pounded by Ralf Angelo in Inside Prague's steamy foursome scene. Michael Lucas, who also appears in the scene, picked Jonathan specifically for the hot fuck!

Marik - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Marik is one dirty, sexy twink. He gets fucked by Ryan Smirnov in a scene for Inside Prague and he has a kinky scene with Devin in an exclusive scene only for members!

Michael Lucas - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Michael Lucas

What is there to say about Michael Lucas? A good place to start is the beginning: Lucas Entertainment founder and president Michael Lucas was born in Moscow, Russia, on March 10, 1972. He was raised in Moscow and attended college there, graduating with a degree in law. In 1995, Michael Lucas moved to Germany, then to France, where he began modeling and appearing on several European television programs and covers of many European magazines. In 1998, Lucas opened his own production company, Lucas Entertainment, in New York City. Later that year, he made his directorial debut with the well-received Back in the Saddle. This first production sparked the Michael Lucas "renegade" vision that is indelibly New York. Additionally, basing his company in New York City, as opposed to the more traditional Los Angeles, enabled Lucas to showcase the diversity of types and ethnicities found nowhere else. MIchael Lucas started Lucas Distribution, Inc. in 2004 and in 2005. Both are pioneering ventures in the competitive realms of adult video distribution and online media, respectively. In the summer of 2005 he released GayVN's Best Picture of the year, a high-budget adult film remake of Dangerous Liaisons, featuring celebrity cameos from RuPaul, Boy George, Graham Norton, Bruce Vilanch, and Michael Musto. In 2006, filming began on his most buzzed about film ever, Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita. The production included a big-budget fashion show, a sextra-filled club orgy scene, a headline-making fountain scene with Vivid star Savanna Samson. On November 12, 2004, Michael Lucas was proudly sworn in as an American citizen.

Misha Marik - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Misha Marik

Misha's kinky MEMBERS ONLY scene with Wayne Jacob features whips, feet, dick-play and deep-throating. Their watersports scene can be scene on Inside Prague.

Nicolas Santos - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Nicolas Santos

Nicolas gets fucked hard by Michel Lucas in the big foursome scene of Inside Prague. Lucky guy! He loves riding bicycles... and he loves riding big cock!

Ralf Angelo - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Ralf Angelo

Security guard Ralf has a hot foursome with Michael Lucas and two other European studs in Inside Prague. Watch as he tops Jonathan Maldini in said scene!

Ryan Smirnov - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Ryan Smirnov

Ryan loves to 69 and suck cock. His scene with Marik in Inside Prague is one of the movie's hottest!

Toni Luka - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Toni Luka

Toni (a.k.a. Jakub Korous), a student in who loves to 69, has a hot fuck with Dante in Inside Prague. He also appears in a kinky leather mask in Twinks in Jail!

Wayne Jacob - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Wayne Jacob

Wayne's kinky MEMBERS ONLY scene with Misha Marik features whips, feet, dick-play and deep-throating. Their watersports scene can be scene on Inside Prague.


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