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Akos Piros

Versatile Akos likes everything about sex, especially S/M. When he's not doing porn he's a seminar trainer in "soft skills." We don't know what that means, exactly, but we like it. And him.

Ajay Cavalli

Currently assisting medically in Florida, Ajay likes to run and go to the beach...and suck on Dean Tucker's toes in FEET!

Ago Viara

A connoisseur of feets and armpits, Ago also loves to eat ass and get sucked. He prides himself on his cum shooting range, and especially likes splattering his partner's chest. When he's not getting busy, Ago can be found watching movies with his friends.

Adriano Cassano

Adriano's favorite sex act is ass licking, and while he may be in a relationship, that doesn't mean he wouldn't give another guy's ass a taste!

Adrian R.

Hot Latino Adrian R. had wanted to be a model for a long time, and he finally got his wish when Michael auditioned him with Asoka for Auditions Volume 2. What does he love about sex? "Everything," he says, "just everything." And he got the chance to prove it once again during his scene with Chad Leigh in Fire Island Cruising 7.

Adrian Pena

Adrian Pena is sexually versatile, resides in Brooklyn, and is a professionally trained dancer. Strangers of the Night was his first adult movie.

Adam Young

Adam Young is more than a bright-eyed cutie with a baby face... he's got mad ambition too! You try making your porn debut riding Chad Hunt's massive member and see if you come out as well as Adam did. This hottie has also been going to school for civil engineering with the goal of working for his county government. His favorite position? Doggy-style. Woof!

Adam Faust

A marketing consultant by day, super-hot top Adam loves eating ass, fucking, and fisting. Which means his Audition with our exclusive Mateo fit perfectly, seeing as his fist fit perfectly into Mateo's hot ass!

Aaron Tanner

Michael Lucas cast Aaron Tanner in Fire Island Cruising 2. Since then, this versatile performer went back to his naturally dark brown roots, and has made quite a splash in the industry. He's always been very professional, and this NYC resident is still a good friend of ours.

Aaron Heights

Toned from years as a professional dancer, Aaron is one of the most pleasant and professional guys we've ever worked with. He's always very helpful, considerate, and can get along with just about anyone.


Zoltan is a self-sucking Hungarian who came to us with his boyfriend, Pascal Bruno, to live out one of their fantasies by appearing together in a Michael Lucas production. Inside Paris fulfilled that fantasy for both them and for us, as their scene is one of the film's hottest!


Student Will makes his Lucas debut in Auditions 22. Single and loving it, his favorite thing sexually is getting fucked by athletic guys. He loves the "excitement of being in front of a camera and letting people see [him] perform sexually." We can't wait to watch!


Straight boy Tony is originally from the Ukraine but currently resides in Budapest. Michael finds out about his first time with a guy in his Audition... and then he sets him loose with big-dicked Evan Rochelle. The resulting scene is so hot--with Evan cumming and pissing in Tony's mouth--that we made him the cover boy for Auditions 17!


Super sexy Tadeusz loves body-building, and it sure shows in his steamy threesome scene in Straight to Prague! He also enjoys fishing, so insert your own cheesy "bait" pun here.


Sal was a brave man to take on two of the biggest dicks in the industry -- those owned by Chad Hunt and Ben Andrews -- and it can all be seen in "Encounters: Flash Point." But to the envy of many, he took them on with fervor and impressed everyone with his spunk and, shall we say, flexibility. The reason why this professional chef first got into porn? "The art behind it," he says.


Sexy blond twink Roki works as a mechanic... so start revving your engines, boys! He's a cute little bi boy who loves to get fucked and suck dick over everything else. Sexy job and loves to blow? How much are tickets to Prague?


Rich's scene with us for Auditions 17 marks his industry debut. The buzz-cut hottie gets it on with tattooed cutie David in the scene, flip-flop fucking and 69ing like there's no tomorrow. Then David pisses all over him before Rich goes on and pisses all over himself!


Darkly handsome Ricardo pairs up with muscle stud David Bathory for his scene in Auditions 17. David has no problem poking Ricardo in every hole (and in different positions) before cumming all over this hottie's gorgeous face!


Stylist by trade, model by night, Potter dreams of living in America and/or Australia. He had a fun time getting more experience in front of the camera with Max Casper and Michael Lucas in MICHAEL DOES RUSSIA.


Pedro lives outside of Madrid but comes to town often to visit his boyfriend Alberto. He tells Wilfried Knight in Auditions 11 that it was always a dream of his to do porn... after seeing what he can do with a fist and a dildo, we think it's his destiny!


Although the money is what first lured straight Otis to the world of porn, he did enjoy having men suck his dick and fuck him doggie style. So all you dark, muscular, intelligent guys out there? Otis is looking for you!


Once again, Michael Lucas has discovered a sexy and horny newcomer to the porn scene! As soon as Omer walked through our door, we knew we had to work with him. And what a worker he turned out to be! Two scenes in two days—both equally hot!


Big-dicked Miguel likes working on and repairing cars when he's got some free time. He also likes working on hot round butts... just ask hottie TJ, who he's paired up with in Auditions 18. Miguel likes all kinds of guys, and he likes doing them all doggy style!


Michal is one of the sexiest models we've ever worked with.. a gorgeous hunk who loves to take it up the ass! Is it any wonder Michael gives him exactly what he wants in Straight to Prague?


Lucas exclusive Mateo loves getting his ass pounded, and he can do it like few people we've seen before. Just watch his Audition with Adam Faust, where he takes the stud's furry fist up his ass like a pro! Stayed tuned for more from Mateo!


Wilfried Knight was crushed when he first emailed Martin on a match-making website a couple of years ago and never got a reply back! But then he finally snagged the tattooed cutie for Auditions 11, where—surprise, surprise—Martin ended up asking Knight to marry him! How the tables can turn...


Hottie Marten works as a subway conductor, which makes us wonder where the hell the MTA hires their workers! He's straight, but has no problems taking it up the ass for a movie role. Now that's a real man!


Marik is one dirty, sexy twink. He gets fucked by Ryan Smirnov in a scene for Inside Prague and he has a kinky scene with Devin in an exclusive scene only for members!


Michael was aching to work with hottie Marcel ever since Marcel sent in his application to us not long ago. So when he planned another film in Budapest he flew Marcel over from Germany in order to fuck his brains out. And fuck his brains out, he did!