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Felipe Carson

Single Latino stud Felipe currently works as a bartender in NYC. He loves everything about sex, and on his off time he loves going to the gym, watching movies, and dancing his heart out at clubs.

Fabrizio Mangiatti

As one of the famous gay porn Mangiatti twins, Fabrizio is the one WITHOUT the tattoo on his right arm and birthmark on the right of his ribs. Like his brother, he's a horny, bisexual top who loves sticking it in every hole. Check out his must-see threesome scene with Flavio Valentino and his brother Fernando in Cruising Budapest 1: Michael Lucas!

Dimitri Santiago

Latino papi Dimitri is a top who loves to do anything when it comes to sex. He's a well-known club promoter and graphic designer in Manhattan when he's not acting. He says he loves doing what he does from his audition, you could certainly tell!

Diesel Washington

Hot beefcake top Diesel is a personal trainer and all-around handsome man. He gets his muscles from weight-lifting, of course, and in his free time he loves a good game of basketball.

Dario Lopez

You can usually find this dreamy Spanish cutie on the streets of New York or the dance floors of Ibiza. Luckily we caught him while he was in town and filmed him for a red hot audition!

Dani Eitan

Single guy Dani is admittedly bi, and as you can tell from his audition with us he loves being in front of a camera. He loves swimming, reading ("voraciously," he admits), and the human connection that comes with sex.

Dan Bradford

A former dancer, Dan Bradford now works in design/architecture and wanted to give adult entertainment a try to satisfy his sexual appetite. What inspired him to start modeling? "I've been in school my entire life," he says. "I wanted to start focusing on the rest of my body!"

Costas Tinopolis

Volleyball fantatic Costas first appeared in "Pounding the Pavement" with Arpad Miklos. Costas was very pleased, since he was able to indulge in his hairy armpit fetish!

Colby Fender

Hottie Colby makes a splashy debut with Michael Lucas in Welcome to Paradise! They get it on in a hot tub... and Michael pisses on him! Talk about a wet and wild time!

Clay Price

A student and waiter in New York, this native Georgia boy wasn't afraid to show what Southerners can do in the orgy scene of our 27th title, Lost.

Christian Cruz

A hard-bodied fireball of sexiness, Christian was immediately signed as an exclusive after his sizzling pairing with Michael Lucas for Auditions 19. Stay tuned for a lot of great things with this hot newcomer, including a scene-stealing role in our first "intentional" sex comedy, The Intern!


Martial artist Myth is bi and started modeling for the money. He's into twinks and loves using his tounge, but sorry guys, this man is taken!


Tall, dark and handsome, Kacorot currently lives in Brooklyn. He loves it in New York City, and as you can tell with his Auditions scene with J. and Alex Lopez, he loves it in front of the camera as well!


Devin's kinky MEMBERS ONLY scene with Marik features feet, whips, and ass-play. Their watersports scene can be scene on Inside Prague.



Cesar's kinky MEMBERS ONLY scene with Dante features feet, whips, fingering and 69. Their watersports scene can be scene on Inside Prague.


Michael Lucas discovered Carlos working at his gym. This was the very first Auditions that we shot!


Bodie currently lives in Atlanta, where he goes to school and indulges his sports and reality TV habits. He says he dabbles in making adult films for the cash, but also because he was inspired by Paris Hilton's infamous on-camera sex romp. Ha! What turns him on? "Dudes who laugh," he says. "Humor is very sexy!"

Tom International

Tom International and Michael Lucas both knew each other way back to when they both still lived in Russia, where Tom was a famous journalist and author of many scandalous books. At one point, Michael even helped Tom find an apartment in the same building where Michael lived in New York's West Village, and then cast Tom in his very first porn movie. Since then, Tom has appeared in numerous adult films while continuing to push the envelope with his artistic pursuits: modeling for controversial photographers such as Bruce LaBruce, and successfully continuing to work on his provocative writing, photography, and drawings.

Ryan Michaels

When it comes to dialog actors, Ryan Michaels is the Edith Massey of the porn world. Fortunately, however, as compensation for his questionable acting skills, he's a great versatile performer, and a sweetheart to work with.

Ridge Michaels

Florida-boy Ridge Michaels loves to show off his tan and toned body. He is a sensual guy who loves kissing and the slow, soft touch of sex before he gets rough! The craziest place Ridge has fucked is on a boat in broad daylight. Besides a good sex session, he loves any sports in the water and traveling around the world to learn about culture. If Ridge Michaels had one thing to say to his fans it would be, “Thank you for letting my sexual fantasies be your sexual pleasure. I want to explore every sexual avenue to deepen my experience in life and share it with the world. Thank you.”

Ricky Ramos

Well-hung Ricky hails from Uruguay but currently calls Barcelona home. A single stud who works as an actor for a living, he loves all kinds of guys—and girls (!)—and basks in being versatile.

Ricky Love

Catch Ricky Love in the 9 man orgy in Paris Playboys!

Rick Bauer

Hottie Rick has been a staple in our International series, appearing in both Uncut Cock Pool Party and Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews, among others!

Richie Fine

Cute face, great body, beautiful dick, fuckable ass, and TOTALLY insane! Richie was extremely difficult to work with. He's both unstable and delusional. He consistently kept the entire cast and crew waiting on his unpredictable behavior and ridiculous shenanigans. Richie could have had a much better career if he wasn't completely nuts and someone could actually track him down. Richie come back to us!!!

Richard Callin

Richard Callin, a successful, 25 year old European fashion model, had always fantasized about being in a porn film. His dream came true in the orgy scene in our production Inside Paris, much to everyone's satisfaction.

Richard Black

Born in Hong Kong, hunky Richard Black currently calls London home. What does he love about sex? "The feeling of fire, joy, heat and new skin," he says with a grin. Raarrr! There's no wonder why we signed him as an Exclusive right away.

Renato Belaggio

Fuzzy-faced Renato makes his Lucas debut in Cruising Budapest VI: Brian Bodine and Auditions 23!