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Marcello Touro

Marcello Touro lives in New York City and works as an escort. Sexually, Marcello is a top, so we'll wait until he's versatile before we'll cast him again.

Marcel D.

Brooklyn-born Marcel hopped across the East River to audition for Michael Lucas. An independent contractor by trade, this sizzling hunk enjoys working out, and when asked what he loves about sex, his inviting reply was "everything." Yay!

Lucas Preor

Lucas was a Lucas Entertainment discovery back in 1999 and a great guy to work with on the set--always professional and very sweet. He has an uncut cock and is a versatile performer.

Luca Ciccone

Luca likes it rough -- as evidenced in his scene with Jason Crew from Return to Fire Island. He also has a twin brother. Fingers crossed that we see them in a video together someday!

Logan Bryant

Bi boy Logan loves to oral and 69, but he also loves the mental connection that sex brings. A shy guy in person, he definitely let's his guard down when he's in front of the camera! Check out his audition with Luke Stamm to see what we mean!

Jon Agasi

Cutie Jon's threesome scene in Inside Prague with Jonathan Vargas and Elgid Lars is a must see. Who knew two hungry buttholes propped up in the air next to each other for a good fucking could be so hot?

Jason Tiya

Versatile Jason worked in a couple of movies for other studios before auditioning with us. Working in sales during the day and currently calling New Jersey home, Jason's pretty open-minded when it comes to guys. What inspired him to start in the biz? "I call it a hump of good faith!" he laughs.

Jason Sparks

Jason currently lives in Atlanta with his boyfriend Lars Svenson. The kinky duo play key roles in Michael Lucas' Gigolo, and their hot sex scene together is one of the film's best!

Jason Dean

"What's not to love?" says Jason Dean regarding one of his favorite interests, sex. This single stud believes that life is short and the only regret you can have is for not trying new things. We're thankful he gave working with us a try!

Jake Starr

A personal trainer currently living in Brooklyn, Jake considers himself both "awesome" and "real." He also sees "the intimate connection of two naked men and the energy created" as "fucking hot." He's also always wanted to be in the adult industry, and enjoys pilates and singing off screen.

Jake Corwin

Tattooed hottie Jake Corwin is a dominant top who's always ready to perform, as you can tell by his audition with us! Currently working in San Francisco as an artist/designer, he took the time to shoot with us on a recent trip to NYC. He tends to like guys under 35, but his favorite activity of all is sucking uncut cock. No wonder Michael Lucas loves him!

Ian James

This cute blond piqued Michael's interest when he mentioned in his interview that he loved getting fucked, and he loved getting fucked with toys. A light went off somewhere, and before you could say butt plug, Michael was testing just how honest Ian was being. Pretty honest, judging from the clip!

Hunter James

Southern-bred Hunter is a popular blogger and a go-go boy in some of New York's most crazy bars. Fitting for such a fun, genial guy...and not to mention a pretty tolerant one! Just watch how sex pig Asoka works him in his Audition with us... whew! His favorite type of guys (except, of course, for his boyfriend) are "fit boys, muscle boys, boys with tattoos, older, younger... a variety of types!"

Giovanni Armani

Giovanni loves doggy style and 69-ing. He's also into muscular, tall, dark and handsome guys... can you blame him? He loves to dance and party in his free time, and enjoys showing of his good looks when he's out on the town. When he's not on camera, Giovanni works as a court clerk in New Jersey.

Frank Chambers

Handsome Frank is a smarty-pants who works as a web designer by day. In bed, he's versatile, and he loves getting his pierced dick sucked. Check out his hot chemistry with Michael Lucas in his auditions video.

Francesco Giovanelly

Versatile Puerto Rican Francesco gets it good from big-dicked Mario Perez and Lucas exclusive Jonathan Vargas for Auditions 18. A personal trainer by day, this single beach-lover prefers hairy guys to suck and fuck around with!

Fernando Mangiatti

As one of the famous gay porn Mangiatti twins, Fernando is the one with the tattoo on his right arm and birthmark on the right of his ribs. Like his brother, he's a horny, bisexual top who loves sticking it in every hole. Check out his must-see threesome scene with Flavio Valentino and his brother Fabricio in Cruising Budapest 1: Michael Lucas!

Felipe Carson

Single Latino stud Felipe currently works as a bartender in NYC. He loves everything about sex, and on his off time he loves going to the gym, watching movies, and dancing his heart out at clubs.

Fabrizio Mangiatti

As one of the famous gay porn Mangiatti twins, Fabrizio is the one WITHOUT the tattoo on his right arm and birthmark on the right of his ribs. Like his brother, he's a horny, bisexual top who loves sticking it in every hole. Check out his must-see threesome scene with Flavio Valentino and his brother Fernando in Cruising Budapest 1: Michael Lucas!

Dimitri Santiago

Latino papi Dimitri is a top who loves to do anything when it comes to sex. He's a well-known club promoter and graphic designer in Manhattan when he's not acting. He says he loves doing what he does from his audition, you could certainly tell!

Diesel Washington

Hot beefcake top Diesel is a personal trainer and all-around handsome man. He gets his muscles from weight-lifting, of course, and in his free time he loves a good game of basketball.

Dario Lopez

You can usually find this dreamy Spanish cutie on the streets of New York or the dance floors of Ibiza. Luckily we caught him while he was in town and filmed him for a red hot audition!

Dani Eitan

Single guy Dani is admittedly bi, and as you can tell from his audition with us he loves being in front of a camera. He loves swimming, reading ("voraciously," he admits), and the human connection that comes with sex.

Dan Bradford

A former dancer, Dan Bradford now works in design/architecture and wanted to give adult entertainment a try to satisfy his sexual appetite. What inspired him to start modeling? "I've been in school my entire life," he says. "I wanted to start focusing on the rest of my body!"

Costas Tinopolis

Volleyball fantatic Costas first appeared in "Pounding the Pavement" with Arpad Miklos. Costas was very pleased, since he was able to indulge in his hairy armpit fetish!

Colby Fender

Hottie Colby makes a splashy debut with Michael Lucas in Welcome to Paradise! They get it on in a hot tub... and Michael pisses on him! Talk about a wet and wild time!

Clay Price

A student and waiter in New York, this native Georgia boy wasn't afraid to show what Southerners can do in the orgy scene of our 27th title, Lost.

Christian Cruz

A hard-bodied fireball of sexiness, Christian was immediately signed as an exclusive after his sizzling pairing with Michael Lucas for Auditions 19. Stay tuned for a lot of great things with this hot newcomer, including a scene-stealing role in our first "intentional" sex comedy, The Intern!


Martial artist Myth is bi and started modeling for the money. He's into twinks and loves using his tounge, but sorry guys, this man is taken!