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Leo Grando

Leo Grando is a Russian born total top who loves to play hard! The trilingual (English, French and Russian) stud now lives in The Netherlands and enjoys the cinema, going to clubs and the theater. Leo Grando's fantasy fuck is to be in a room surrounded by mirrors and smooth muscular guys. He loves to get sucked, have his nipples played with and pound a nice round ass with his big uncut cock

Peto Coast

Aggressive fucker Peto Coast grew up in Amsterdam and later moved to New York City where he worked in the fashion industry. After moving back to Europe Peto Coast began his career in porn. He is a talented total top who loves to use his thick uncut dick to stretch out each of his partner’s slutty holes! His masculine nature comes across on screen and his piercing blue eyes can make any bottom bend over.

Christian Herzog

Polish born Christian Herzog loves to take his love of exhibition to the max! This muscle-bound sex stud thrives off of performing live sex shows. Christian Herzog is a natural and talented bottom and is able to take a heavy pounding on his smooth and sculpted body. His favorite sex act is to get a deep fist fucking in his hungry hole! Other than an aggressive round in bed Christian loves going to the gym, cycling and the cinema.

Scott Carter

Spanish power-bottom Scott Carter loves to get his ass pounded by huge dick! This hairy stud’s fantasy is to be gang-banged by a group of tall, dominant men. With a sculpted, muscled physique Scott Carter likes to have sex rough and hard and the craziest place he has bottomed is on a dance floor in front of everyone! His favorite actor is Johnny Depp and his favorite singer is Robbi Williams. When we asked Scott what he would like to say to his fans, he responded, “I love you very much!”

Harley Everett

Massive muscle stud Harley Everett began his career in porn because he “loves sex and the attention of fucking in front of cameras.” This shaved head Brit loves staying fit and his favorite hobby is boxing. The type of guys that makes Harley Everett’s thick uncut cock hard are dark, white and Hispanic men. His fantasy fuck is to be with a group of hot guys in a pissing, fisting, cum-fest.

Aaron Mark

Smooth German muscle-hunk Aaron Mark enjoys showing off his exhibitionist side on film. He is completely versatile and loves trying new things. Besides his favorite hobby of fucking, Aaron Mark likes to paint, travel, explore new types of food and exercise. “I love to travel to all parts of the world,” Says Mark. “And almost anything that gives me the opportunity to learn, explore, be active, healthy, and live life to the fullest!”

Carsten Andersson

Blonde, smooth and muscular Carsten Andersson has a thick uncut cock and round perky ass that are both perfect for fucking! Carten isn’t shy about showing off his sex-pro skills on camera. This tri-lingual German stud loves deep rimming and his sexual fantasy is to get fucked by a biker gang! Carsten Andersson loves the gym, traveling and sensual massages. The wildest place he has had a good fuck is in a movie theater and his celebrity crush is Tim McGraw.

Giuseppe Pardi

Hungarian super star Giuseppe Pardi has the face of a fashion model and the body of a sex god. This hung uncut muscle stud has a natural athletic build from taking care of his farm back home in Hungary. Giuseppe Pardi is a chicken breeder who, of course, loves to cook. Besides tending to the chickens Giuseppe also loves a good cock! His fantasy fuck is to be dominated by a police officer and the wildest place he has done the deed is on a train. His hobbies and interests include playing sports, raising animals and anything outdoors…including a good fuck!

Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson is a hairy HUNGarian stud who started his porn career to meet new sexy guys. It wasn’t difficult to break into the industry with an uncut monster cock like Rob’s. To match his thick cock Rob has a full meaty ass that he loves to be versatile with. “I love fucking in the doggy position,” says Rob. “My fantasy is to have two guys fuck me together.” The craziest place Rob has had sex was on a dance floor with everyone staring at him. Currently he is single but looking for someone…

Angyl Valantino

Tattooed bottom boy Angyl Valantino loves to be completely submissive to a dominant top. He has a controversial fantasy of having sex with a group of white skinheads. Other tattooed men and dark skinned guys from the Caribbean and Africa turn Angyl on the most. His hobbies include art, fashion, film and of course sex.

A.J. Irons

Everyone loves a hot California surfer dude like AJ Irons. With his hot muscled body, thick cock and bubble butt AJ Irons knows how to work a nice stiff board. He loves giving and receiving oral sex and his fuck fantasy is to be wearing an eccentric character costume and to be fucking his partner with his hot cock and props. Besides a long sex session AJ Irons’ hobbies include: reading, weight training, running and going to the theater.

Justin Taylor

Philadelphia's Justin Taylor is a big fan of hot man-on-man action (just see his debut with Shane Frost in Lucas Entertainment's Sex Addict for proof of that), but he's also very interested in group situations! The future looks bright for this hot young twink, with a cute face and bubble ass to match. The strangest place he's ever done the dirty deed was against the wall of a bar in South Beach--sounds like a scene out of a gay adult movie! Versatile to the core, Justin loves bubble-butt bottoms and dominant tops with big dicks. The one thing he surprisingly can't get into? Celebrities. "I don't like conquest fucks," he says honestly. "They're always a let down." That gives normal guys like us a sporting chance!

Ricky Martinez

Detroit native Ricky Martinez doesn't always rely on his hot Latin looks, he also works diligently as an insurance claims representative. It didn't take much to get Ricky to shed his white collar business attire to strip for a photo shoot, and now he is taking his exhibitionism to the next level by entering the adult industry. He loves kissing a hot guy and swapping oral sex, and says his favorite position is a classic cowboy. The craziest place Ricky has gotten his bucking bronco on is outside in the woods, next to a park. We'd give anything to be a park dweller that night! Check out Ricky in his debut for Sex Addict now.

Max Sinclair

Hairy muscle bottom Max Sinclair is a stripper in his hometown of Washington DC. Max loves to show off his built body on stage and in front of the camera. His preferred sexual position in bottoming on the hard floor and his favorite part of sex is when he cums. The craziest place Max Sinclair has had sex is in a U-Haul van and he gets turned on the most by European men.

Brenden Cage

Brenden Cage is a tall and aggressive sex-stud with a bodybuilder's physique. His favorite sexual position is when he gets his ass rimmed while he tops. His fantasy fuck involves this position with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Brenden Cage is an outdoor man's man and he loves to play football. The best part of sex for him is when he orgasms and the craziest place he has fucked is in a mall bathroom.

Alexsander Freitas

Alexsander Freitas is a total top fuck-stud from Copacabana Beach, Brazil. He worked for years as a personal trainer in Los Angeles before getting started in porn to show off his exhibitionist side. All type of men and especially Asians turn on Alexsander. His favorite singer is Michael Jackson and his favorite movie is Salt. His goal in life to stay healthy and happy and with the good cardio from fucking Alexsander is reaching his goals.

Jake Steel

Tall and lean Jake Steel has the charm of gentleman and the body of a sex slut. Jake Steel has a twinkish and muscled physique and loves to show off his sexual aggression. Born and raised in New England Jake loves to spend his spare time going to the movies and cooking. But when he's not in the kitchen his preferred place to have sex is in the shower and the wildest place he has done the deed is on an airplane. Jake's favorite sexual activity is bottoming and kissing.

Alessio Romero

Hairy, muscled and masculine stud Alessio Romero was inspired to start modeling by sex and cock. This versatile and raunchy sex pig loves flip fucking and his favorite thing about sex is sucking dick. Alessio Romero is turned on by guys with tattoos and facial hair. His interest and hobbies include snowboarding and weight lifting and his favorite place to have sex is anywhere I can.

Antonio Biaggi

The man with the monster cock Antonio Biaggi loves everything about sex! I love the thrill of it, Biaggi claims. With his uncut thick and long dick Antonio loves being a top and his other favorite sexual activity is fisting! The craziest place he has ever had sex is in a police car although he will have sex any place I can. Antonio's other interests and hobbies include Capoeira and bowling, and his favorite singer is Ednita Nazar.

Adam Killian

With his dark features, muscled body and chiseled face Adam Killian is a sex god to be worshipped. This versatile tattooed stud loves to show off in front of the camera and when he fucks he always changes into as many positions as his partner can take! Hailing from the California coast Adam Killian loves to fuck in water. The wildest place he has ever had sex was: in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Mykonos, Adam claims. Our bodies were under water but there were people everywhere around us. His favorite part of sex is feeling like and animal during the act. With his thick cut dick and full meaty ass Adam Killian's favorite place to have sex is in front of mirrors so he can watch every last thrust.