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  • Teeohpee posted a Fantasy Scene , 1 year, 11 months ago

    The 3 of them would be in well worn jockstraps. Milan and Damien start sucking Antonio’s cock through his jock, when he gets semi-hard he pisses through the jock and the piss pigs lap up every drop. After Antonio is done pissing, he takes his big dik out and laps it on Damien and Milan’s faces. Then he shoves it into Milan’s mouth. Meanwhile Damien starts working on Milan’s dick through the jock. Milan, Antonio and Damien piss and suck each others cocks and piss and drink their piss until they’re all soaked. After sucking and pissing for a while first Milan chums onto Damien’s out stretched tongue. Milan blows his load onto Antonio’s tongue, Antonio laps it up and sucks Milan’s dick clean. Antonio shoves his dick into both Milan and Damien’s mouths until he shoots his thick wad onto both of their tongues. Antonio pisses onto their faces after the cum is licked clean by both Milan and Damien. To be continued

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      we may have a scenario here!

      Posted on May 16, 2012