Uncut Cock Sex Club

Dear Reviewer,

Lucas Entertainment -- a studio famous for its superstar uncut cocks -- finally has a club to call its very own: the "Uncut Cock Sex Club"! Here you will find twelve horny, Hungarian studs fucking each other crazy in an explosion of huge dicks, bubble butts, juicy holes, flip-flopping sex, and foreskin galore. "When it comes to hot men," says producer Michael Lucas, "Hungary is definitely underrated and uncut! The only deep thing about this movie is the selection of hairy holes!" Indeed, "Uncut Cock Sex Club" gets to the point -- and that point is uncut!

Scene One: Lucio Maverick, Rogerio Mateo, and Tim Black

In this down and dirty bar scene from "Uncut Cock Sex Club," featured model Lucio Maverick joins Rogerio Mateo in choking Tim Black with their dicks right at the bar. Soon the trio is swapping ass-slapping fucks so blood-boiling that the threeway action is bound to give you goosebumps. Check it out now!

Scene Two: Austin Rogers and Mario McGabe

Austin Rogers, which his hard body, approaches the sexy and chiseled Mario McGabe in a deserted room. There the two engage each other, flip-fucking each other -- they don't even have time to take their leather boots off! Mario comes all over his own chest, but the fucking only continues until everyone is covered in cum!

Scene Three: Akos Piros and Paulo Mickey

Akos Piros, one hell of a big daddy, shares a drink with the young and sexy Paulo Mickey. But Akos has a lot more on his mind that booze: he wastes no time moving in on Paulo, turning the young man into his personal boy-whore!

Scene Four: Andrew Zulawksy, Buck Monroe, Nico Blade, and Steve Hunt

The fuzzy Steve Hunt and Buck Monroe don't like to waste time: the minute they arrive at their destination club, they begin sucking cock. Across the room from them, Nico Blade sucks on Andrew Zulawsky's meaty dick. Then the real fun -- fucking -- begins, with Andrew taking Nico from behind, followed by Buck fucking Steve. The foursome simultaneously explodes with cum.

Scene Five: Julian Vincenzo and Tim Black

Tattooed stud Julian Vincenzo approaches Tim Black at the bar -- he certainly isn't shy, because he runs his hands up and down his body before whipping out his uncut dick to suck. Julian then gives Tim a long, rapid fuck while Tim groans for more.

Scene Six: Lucio Maverick and Steve Hunt

Lucio Maverick and Steve Hunt have returned: the two hunks watch each other stroke before Steve works up the courage to approach Lucio and have a taste of his rock-hard, uncut dick. Steve sucks on and works Lucio's meat until he comes all over Steve's chiseled, fuzzy chest!