Uncut Cock Pool Party

Dear Reviewer:

It's party time! The second title in our popular foreskin-centric series -- "Uncut Cock Pool Party" -- follows 13 hot, hung, and horny studs as they suck and fuck each other the only way porn stars know how! From a poolside orgy to a tryst in the game room, the action doesn't get any more hardcore than this -- and the dicks don't get any more uncut! Don't miss out!

Scene One: Lucio Maverick and Mario McGabe

Bored watching TV, Mario decides to go for a quick dip in the pool -- and hunky Lucio decides to take a dip in him! First these two studs make out with one another, but then they move into some deep oral action before Lucio penetrates Mario's gorgeous ass with his massive, uncut dick!

Scene Two: Evan Rochelle, Kevin Cage, and Rick Bauer

During a friendly game of pool, the beefy hunk Rick Bauer makes a move on Kevin Cage. What's the natural course of action? They start sucking dick, of course. Fellow player Evan Rochelle starts stroking his own cock out of excitement while watching the two guys go at it. But no one should be left out of the fun: Evan joins in, and the threesome can't contain themselves as they move into some intense anal territory!

Scene Three: Jack Wright and Steve Hunt

The furry-chested Steve Hunt wakes up to a breakfast prepared by his lover, Jack Wright. But biscuits and coffee are not what they're truly interested in. Jack forgets about food and starts jerking Steve off with his feet. Oral sex and rimjobs are next on the menu, and everything is topped off with the surprising bottoming of Steve for Jack -- and it all ends with a dessert of cum!

Scene Four: Akos Piros, Glenn Santoro, Julian Veneziano, Kevin Cage, and Tom Ryan

Glenn decides to take a late-night swim with Kevin and Julian looking on. Kevin proceeds to dry Glenn off, but the gesture turns into fellatio fast. Soon Kevin has Julian's cock in his mouth too, and a hot threeway ensues. On the other side of the pool, muscle stud Tom Ryan and macho daddy Akos Piros can't help but watch the action. Akos sucks Tom off, taking a face full of semen in the process. Meanwhile, Glenn works up the courage to take double-penetration from Kevin and Julian, followed by Julian and Glenn sucking off Kevin at the same time until he shoots his load.

Scene Five: Buck Monroe and Ted Colunga

The handsome and hairy Ted Colunga is a boss anyone would quiver to serve. When Buck enters his office for a one-on-one, Ted takes advance of his powerful position to turn Buck into his bottom slave. As Ted removes his clothes, it's awe-inspiring just how sexy his muscular and bearish frame is. Buck worships his boss's massive, uncut cock with his boyish lips. Sucking progresses into fucking: Buck hops up onto the desk and submits to Ted. And in an interest turn of events, Buck gets the upper hand and penetrates his boss!

Scene Six: Akos Piros, Kevin Cage, Tom Ryan, and Will Faust

Akos Piros, Kevin Cage, and Tom Ryan are all sitting around in the cigar lounge patiently awaiting their entertainment: the raunchy seductions of Will Faust. With a massive black dildo, his own fist, and the piss of his onlookers, Will gives a raunchy show none are soon to forget.