The Wilson Vasquez Collection

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Fans of mega-hung stud Wilson Vasquez rejoice! The Lucas Entertainment exclusive’s uncut Latino cock is on display in seven of his best scenes. Watch as the thick-dicked hardbody plows the firm bubble butts of Jack Bond, Bruce Beckham, Rob Ramos, and more! Five hours of the hottest sex with one of our hottest models!

Scene One (From MICHAEL LUCAS’ LA DOLCE VITA): Later, Max (Michael Lucas) and his one-time love interest Nick Cameron (Jason Ridge) catch Jack Bond hooking up with a stubborn bodyguard (Lucas exclusive Wilson Vasquez). Wilson and Jack's hard, buff bodies pair up for one hot, sweaty session.

Scene Two (From ENCOUNTERS 5: BURNING DESIRE): After a fun-filled night of clubbing, hottie John Lamb convinces Lucas exclusive Wilson Vasquez that he's too drunk to make it home alone. Wilson takes the couch and drunk-dials his girlfriend, and their dirty talk gets Wilson hot and bothered. But he hears John coming and pretends to be asleep. John, seeing the passed-out muscle hunk on his couch, can't resist sucking on his hard monster cock. Wilson, happy his plan worked to get his joint sucked, pretends to wake up and goes straight to pounding John's tight hole deep into the night.

Scene Three (From ENCOUNTERS 2: THE POINT OF NO RETURN): Bright eyed cutie Adam Young needs a place to stay in the big apple. Wilson Vasquez comes to the rescue and invites him to his apartment. Adam gives into his naughty desires and watches Wilson's bisexual porn collection while he sleeps, but it's not long before Adam gets caught. Nervous Adam is quickly relieved when Wilson aggressively puts his cock in Adam's hand. Soon enough the guys make each other's smutty fantasies come true.

Scene Four (From ENCOUNTERS 1: THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT): Bruce Beckham is a successful psychotherapist, lusting after his rugged, testosterone filled patient, Wilson Vasquez. As Wilson delves into his deep, troubling family issues, Bruce delves in the details of Wilson's body. The lines of fact and fantasy blur as we explore deep into the therapist's mind and see his dark fantasies revealed. The Dr./Patient relationship is redefined in this sexually explosive scene, which will have the father of psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud turning over in his grave. Conceived and directed by RuPaul for Lucas Entertainment.

Scene Five (From AUDITIONS 12): Lucas Entertainment exclusive Wilson Vasquez breaks in brand-new exclusive Steven Poncé. After a hilarious interview by Michael where lots of broken English gets misunderstood, the two Puerto Rican studs interview each other before the sexing begins. Steven swallows Wilson's huge uncut 10-inch cock with reckless abandon before taking that same huge member up his tight anal passage.

Scene Six (From AUDITIONS 1): Fans of Lucas Entertainment exclusive Wilson Vasquez will finally find out just how the 21-year-old sex god scored his gig with us. The Bronx native's audition tape (which showcases Vasquez's awesome physique, his killer smile, and his flirty attitude) lets the world know how he works that massive, uncut member of his when he's all alone... and just how often he does it! It's a scene not to be missed by any hardcore Vasquez fan and a fitting ending to volume one of the hottest auditions series out now!

Scene Seven (From FIRE ISLAND CRUISING 6): Determined to get Rob Ramos his dream guy, Cameron Fox drags Ramos to meet with Wilson Vasquez, who has been waiting to hook up as well all along. The two stallions hit it off immediately, with Ramos eagerly chowing down on Vasquez' thick dick. A smoldering 69 ensues until Ramos spreads eagle to take in all of Vasquez that he can. The intense fucking that follows has to be seen to believe, with both energetic hunks busting nuts over each other in what is surely one of the hottest moments of the year.