The Bigger the Better

Dear Reviewer:

Bigger is definitely better when you’re talking about Lucas Entertainment exclusives Ben Andrews and Chad Hunt! Join in as the two super-hung hunks reminisce with fellow exclusive Steven Poncé about their cum-filled sexcapades with hotties Ryann Wood, Tommy Deluca, and porn legend Johnny Hanson (making his triumphant return to the industry). Their talk leads to a monster-dicked threesome that can’t be missed!

Scene One
Ben Andrews, Chad Hunt, and Steven Poncé are sipping wine at Chad’s apartment, chatting candidly about who has the biggest dick in the industry. Steven insists that the biggest cock he’s ever fucked was porn legend Johnny Hanson’s. In a flashback, we see the two get it on in a crisp white bedroom. Steven worships Johnny’s huge member, sucking it off before getting plowed by it from behind in multiple positions. Johnny flips little Steven around like a toy, and the cum flies!

Scene Two
Back at Chad’s apartment, Ben Andrews interjects that he has the biggest schlong in the business, and hottie Ryann Wood can attest to it. In a flashback we see the two take a break from doing dishes… to do each other on the kitchen countertop! Ryann gulps every inch of Ben’s giant uncut dick, while Ben muffles his face into Ryann’s tight buttcheeks. Then Ben enters Ryann doggy-style and pounds away until the countertop is doused in jizz.

Scene Three
Chad Hunt doesn’t believe Ben’s story and recounts his hook-up with porn pup Tommy Deluca, who insists that Chad’s monster cock is the biggest. A flashback takes us to their hot fuck session, with little Tommy visibly horny and aching to take every single inch of Chad inside him both orally and anally. Chad glady rams Tommy in multiple angles before sitting on his face to cum.

Scene Four
Way horny after all their sex talk, Ben Andrews, Chad Hunt, and Steven Poncé start sucking each other off on the couch. They move to the bedroom, where the hardcore action ignites. Steven opens wide for both monster cocks and finds himself gagging on Chad while getting pounded hard from behind by Ben. The cocks work every inch of Steven in nearly every position until they throb out their juicy loads in a splashy conclusion!