Strangers Of The Night

Dear Reviewer:

Strangers of the Night is the 22nd release from director Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment. In this erotic thriller, superstar Michael Lucas and boyfriend Andy Hunter are having trouble in their relationship. Andy is being plagued by dreams of infidelity, which lead him on a journey of self-discovery and revenge. Along the way, he encounters some of the hottest men New York City has to offer. Strangers of the Night features an assortment of sexy new discoveries, including Lucas exclusives Marco Rochelle and Nicholas Bardem, plus returning favorites Carlos Morales, Danny Hunter, Mario Ortiz and Damion.

Scene One: Andy’s first nocturnal vision involves handsome Lucas exclusive Marco Rochelle and megahung Danny Hunter. The couple engages in some hot 69 action and ass-eating before getting down to sharing Danny’s supersize cock. This hairy newcomer displays some impressive self-sucking skills in this scene, which are only matched by his talents as a top. Danny fucks Marco until the cum is spewing from Rochelle’s uncut piece. Danny soon jacks to his own juicy climax.

Scene Two: Andy’s dreams become more insightful. The next night he again conjures Marco Rochelle, but this time Marco is with gorgeous exclusive Nicholas Bardem. In a steamy bathroom scene, the duo sucks cock, eats ass and shares an amazing flip-flop fuck. Fantasies don’t get much hotter than this.

Scene Three: Andy’s nagging suspicions start getting specific as they lead him to a startling revelation. Next, he sees lover Michael Lucas taking part in a hot threeway at an old hotel. Nicholas Bardem and Adrian Pena hungrily share Lucas’ big dick. Then they fuck each other while sucking him. Finally, Lucas pounds both newbies before jacking himself to a major load.

Scene Four: In the next sequence, Andy Hunter finds himself in the same hotel, in the same bed. But now it is his turn to enjoy a threeway of his own with Latin hunks Carlos Morales and Mario Ortiz. This tasty trio sucks one another’s hard cocks. Then Andy proceeds to top both men before delivering one of his famous explosive cum shots. Carlos and Mario also squirt, and Mario doesn’t waste a drop of cum.

Scene Five: By this point, Andy has had enough of his cheating boyfriend. He confronts Lucas and exacts a very special revenge. It’s time for him to live out his own dreams. In the final scene, Andy Hunter and twink Damion perform 69 before Andy rams Damion with his rock-hard rod. Another stunning cum shot from Andy follows. (The Director’s Cut version of Strangers of the Night features an additional watersports scene with Andy Hunter and Damion.) Sometimes dreams really do come true. Or do they?