Straight To Prague

Dear Reviewer:

What happens when you get nine hot Czech guys and Michael Lucas in one big hotel? You get none other than Lucas’ latest, the super hot Straight to Prague.

Penetrate the landscape of Prague and indulge with Michael as he breaks hearts. At his hotel, you will find a hot 3-way, steamy seduction, and the secret to how Czech men get hot on cold Prague nights.

The film opens with Michal and Daniel Nicolaus in bed, horny and hungry, satisfying both urges with some hot and heavy ass-eating and pounding.

Michal's appetite is insatiable still. Later that night, when Michael checks into his hotel, Michal lets Michael “check in” to his hot ass as well. The next day, Michael and Michal explore the sights of Prague. Of course, that doesn’t stop Michael from propositioning another hung European, Dion, in the bathroom, but Dion’s got sexy twink Otis waiting outside for him. After seeing Otis deep-throat Dion, the hungry little bottom he is, who could resist?

Everywhere Michael goes, he seems to find gorgeous, sexy men . . . particularly when he wanders past a window and sees Czech studs Tadeusz, Roki and Marten going at it hot and heavy. The men catch on to their naughty peeping tom and close the shades in his face before going on to slurp each other’s cocks and pound each other’s asses. Yum!

Michael finally finds Daniel Nicolaus, who flirts back with him in a café. While they sit down together, Eric Flower and Rocky Busch go at it in their hotel room. Lucky Eric Flower gets fucked like no tomorrow.

The cafe can't hold Michael and Daniel’s attention any longer. Enough small talk for the guys, Michael goes up to Daniel’s hotel room where he gives him a fuck he'll never forget. But don’t forget that Michael is a heartbreaking seducer. The next night while Daniel rests his head with thoughts of his new love, Michael sneaks away in the middle of the night. Note: Please keep in mind that in real life Michael Lucas is far too sweet to ever do such a thing ;)

Available only on the Director's Cut * Bonus Material - with the some of the most exciting watersports and enema scenes you'll ever see in your life!