Secrets Between Uncles And Nephews

Scene 01: Sex And Secrets | Nick Capra, Sergeant Miles

Nick Capra stars in “Secrets Between Uncles And Nephews" as Paul, a father and husband who finds the difficulties in his life at an all-time high. His 12-year marriage to his husband, Jeffrey (played by Adam Russo) has lost its spark and the romance isn’t what it once was. Even worse, his relationship with his son, Bryson (played by Drew Dixon) is cold and strained, because Bryson has never forgiven Paul for coming out of the closet, divorcing his mother, and and marrying another man. The tension is palpable during a pool-party visit from Paul’s brother-in-law, Markus (Sergeant Miles), and Paul’s nephew, Dylan (Drake Rogers). The gathering is to celebrate Dylan’s twenty-first birthday, during which Markus has a few too many, and being the doting host, Paul helps him to the guest room. But Markus has some secrets of his own, and when he and Paul are alone together, Markus shows Paul another side of himself.

Scene 02: Confessions And Infidelity | Adam Russo, Drake Rogers

Though Markus and Paul want to keep their indiscretion a secret, the sullen Bryson (Drew Dixon) secretly catches them in the act of gay bareback sex, and he records the scandal on his phone. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is keeping the young Dylan company by the pool. Dylan confides in Jeffrey the tension between him and his father, and how he’s afraid to tell him his entire truth—that he’s gay. But Dylan’s confession goes much further, as he and Jeffrey find themselves strongly attracted to one another. How will Jeffrey handle his young nephew, who just came out to him?

Scene 03: Scandal and Manipulation | Sergeant Miles, Drew Dixon

The grudge that Bryson feels toward Paul is now spilling over onto his uncle, Markus, after Bryson confronts him. Not only does Bryson rage against Markus for having sex his father, he admits that he recorded it. Markus has a short fuse, and his rage boils over. But Markus’ red-hot temper is exactly what Bryson wants, because he’s always had a sexual attraction toward his uncle, and he’s always ached to be roughed up by the butch manly man that Markus is. Will Markus, once again, give in to his secret fantasies of being with men, this time using Bryson?

Scene 04: Love And Lust | Nick Capra, Adam Russo

There’s been so much scandal and infidelity among Paul (Nick Capra), Jeffrey (Adam Russo), Bryson (Drew Dixon), Dylan (Drake Rogers), and Markus (Sergeant Miles). But it’s time for old hurts to settle down, and Bryson and Paul finally begin to repair their relationship after Markus shows him the error of his ways. This paves the way for Paul to reignite his sexual and romanic relationship with his husband, Jeffrey. And they consummate their fiery passion for one another with hardcore love and lust that only two husbands can experience together!