Rafael in Paris

Mega-dicked Rafael Alencar takes you on a fuck-fest in the City of Lights! Rafael plows his way through Paris with a dozen of the world’s sexiest hunks. Featuring sensational Lucas Exclusives Jonathan Agassi and Andrew James Jr., alongside Sahaj, Murphy Maxwell, Greg David, Andy O’Neill, Jack MacCarthy, Marco di Lucca, Miguel de Palma, Marco Salguerio and Antonio Cavalli.

Scene 1: Rafael Alencar, Marco di Lucca, and Miguel de Palma

Horse-hung Brazilian stud Rafael Alencar deep dicks Euro sluts Marco di Lucca and Miguel de Palma in this explosive scene. Watch their nasty fuck train, followed by Marco getting his hole stretched from a double penetration by Rafael and Miguel!

Scene 2: Greg David and Sahaj

Greg David and Sahaj heat up the screen in this scene. The scene begins with Sahaj worshiping David’s chiseled body, working his way down to his massive, hard, uncut cock. Once David’s throbbing cock is lubed up, he pushes Sahaj against the wall and buries his face in his ass. Sahaj’s hole begs for David’s cock and he obliges. Hot sex continues until David can’t hold his load. The scene ends with David unloading all over Sahaj’s welcoming face.

Scene 3: Rafael Alencar and Jonathan Agassi

Hot studs Rafael Alencar and Jonathan Agassi, sizzle in this scene. After hanging around Notre Dame, Rafael and Jonathan go home to spend some time together. Things heat up when their clothes come off and Jonathan licks Rafael’s entire body. Soon after, Jonathan shows off his deep throat abilities when Rafael face fucks him. Jonathan swallows all 10 inches of Rafael’s massive cock. Eager to fuck Jonathan’s hot hole, Rafael eats his ass, priming it for the plunge. Jonathan takes Rafael’s massive fuck stick, backing up onto the entire sex wand. The boys fuck around until Rafael is ready to explode. Eager to swallow every drop of Rafael’s manhood, Jonathan sucks Rafael until he blows his hot load all over his mouth.

Scene 4: Andy O’Neill, Antonio Cavalli, and Marco Salgueiro

The fourth scene is between twinky, Andy O’Neill, and muscle studs, Antonio Cavalli and Marco Salgueiro, Andy O’Neill shows his love for cock when he devours Antonio and Marco’s throbbing rods. Eager to please, Andy bends over to take Marco’s thick cock while sucking off Antonio. Impatient for a turn, Antonio flips Andy around and fucks him senseless. After Marco and Antonio have their turns with Andy they stuff anal beads up his hungry hole. The scene has explosive ending when Marco and Antonio cum at the same time into Andy’s thirsty mouth.

Scene 5: Rafael Alencar & Andrew James, Jr from FEET EXTREME!

Horsehung Brazilian hunk Rafael Alencar steps all over furry twink Andrew James, then stomps directly on the boy's pert buns! Andrew worships Rafael's toes, sucking and nibbling on each one. Rafael continues to spank and spit on Andrew, then forces more and more of his foot into Andrew's tight hole. Rafael then splits Andrew in half with his massive dong, fucking him hard and fast until he shoots all over Andrew's face and spreads the cum around with his foot!

Scene 6: Jack MacCarthy and Murphy Maxwell – Bonus Scene

Tattooed hipster, Murphy Maxwell, and twinky, Jack MacCarthy, finish the movie off with this hot bonus scene. The scene begins with Murphy sucking on Jack’s hard piece, swallowing every inch. After fulfilling his appetite, Murphy turns around to let Jack finger his hole – stretching it out in anticipation. After his hole is nice and open, Jack thrusts his cock into Murphy’s greedy hole. The fucking continues, and when Jack is ready to cum, Murphy opens his mouth and swallows every drop of Jack’s man juice.