Quality Time With Daddy

Scene 01: Brent Everett Flip-Fucks With Nick Capra


Nick Capra is one hell of a daddy. He’s tender and passionate with his bottom boys, and once they are ready, Nick amps up his energy and gets rough fucking them in the ass; it’s the only way they’ll learn to be true men. Brent Everett is immediately attracted to Nick’s masculine daddy energy, and quickly wants to please him and serve his needs. Nick Capra is more than happy to take Brent Everett under his care and show him what quality time with a top-tier daddy is truly like. And after Brent is throughly pounded out, Nick Capra spins around and gives his ass to Brent to teach him out to properly top!

Scene 02: Dylan James Pounds Dakota Payne’s Ass


Dylan James has a “big bro” appeal to him. He’s the kind of guy that will roughhouse with you, get hard during the process, and take the fun of “playing around” to the limit. From his masculine good looks to his inked muscles and huge, nine-inch cock, he’s the type to push his little bro beyond his boundaries and see how much anal aggression he can handle. If Dylan James has a “big bro” appeal, then Dakota Payne definitely has the charm of a little bro, and one that’s begging to have his ass fucked!

Scene 03: Tomas Brand Fucks Braxton Boys And Jackson Radiz


Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, brings a unique energy to every encounter he stars in. Tomas is skilled at making all of his younger stepson lovers feel safe and comfortable in his arms as he has deep and hard sex with them. And there’s plenty of Tomas Brand to go around for both of the young and handsome Lucas Men, Braxton Boyd and Jackson Radiz. And when you are servicing the King of All Muscle Daddies, you quickly learn how much you should cherish your QUALITY TIME WITH DADDY!

Scene 04: Hugh Hunter And Gio Forte Fuck On Fire Island


Sometimes two daddies have more in common with each other than a daddy does with one of his young lovers. That’s the situation with Hugh Hunter and Gio Forte, who take a last-minute trip with one another to Fire Island where they have plenty of fun in and out of their swimsuits! The stepsons are left home for this trip — it’s a MEN-only affair!