Prague Sex Express

Dear Reviewer,

All aboard the "Prague Sex Express"! Lucas International proudly presents a sexy romp on the rails of Prague, where soldiers, officers, and passengers get frisked by and frisky with each other! Seven hardcore scenes feature some of the hottest studs the Czech Republic has to offer. So buy your ticket, pack your bags, and get ready for one steamy ride you'll never forget!

Starring: Tomas Petr, Muzicka Jan, Suchanek Jiri, Gomba Zdenek, Kohlicek Karel, Plavecko Radoslav, Polak Martin, Kovacik Stanislav, Matyas Andrej, and Manigati Marcel

Scene One: A Foreign Train Threesome (Andrej Matyas, Jan Muzicka, and Martin Polak)

While minding his own business on a train heading out of town, young soldier Andrej Matyas suddenly finds himself getting harassed by a couple of hot officers. Tattooed Martin Polak and blond Jan Muzicka strip-search the young twink and start sucking each other off in the process. Their threesome of blowjobs and ass-eating culminates in squirts of white cum!

Scene Two: Andrej Matyas, Jan Muzicka, and Martin Polak

The threesome between Andrej Matyas, Jan Muzicka, and Martin Polak moves indoors for even more dick-sucking along with some hardcore ass-munching and butt-fucking. These foreign twinks from Prague are not to be missed!

Scene Three: Jiri Suchanek and Zdenek Gomba

Train conductor Jiri Suchanek asks floppy-haired passenger (and sexy runaway) Zdenek Gomba for his ticket, but Gomba doesn't have one to offer him. Instead, Suchanek asks to suck him off as payment, and Gomba readily obliges. They head back to Suchanek's place for a shower, but instead they end up doing it doggy style over the tub, Suchanek pounding Gomba's hairy ass all the way to an explosive conclusion.

Scene Four: Prague Boyfriends Karel Kohlicek and Radoslav Plavecko Screw

Two young lovers, Karel Kohlicek and Radoslav Plavecko, both step off the train with one thing on their mind: sex! They rush home with the thought of tearing into each other firm in their minds. The two buff cuties suck and fuck until they ejaculate in a passionate climax!

Scene Five: Marcel Mangiati and Stanislav Kovacik

Muscled hunk Stanislav Kovacik meets the sporty Marcel Manigati in a passenger train. The two hit it off right away, so they don't hesitate when presented with the opportunity to experiment back at Kovacik's flat. They don't even make it past the kitchen when Manigati pulls down Kovacik's pants and chows down on the meat hanging between his legs. The two then flip-fuck, with Kovacik ending up fucking Manigati on the kitchen table with a huge strap-on.

Scene Six: Jan Muzicka and Tomas Petr

Check out these troops: army guy Tomas Petr and navy dude Jan Muzicka cruise each other in a park before making out and heading back home for even more fun and action. It's said that there's nothing like a man in uniform, but what happens where there are two? Let's find out as these two hunks do everything to each other!