Pissed On

Dear Reviewer,

Scene 1: Michael Lucas, Jonathan Agassi, and Sergio Serrano

Hairy muscle stud Sergio Serrano sits idly in a chair as Jonathan Agassi soaks him down to his tighty-whiteys with his forceful torrent of piss. Michael Lucas next pisses over Sergio, straight into Jonathan’s filthy mouth, and then onto Sergio’s face. The three hot sluts form a sculptural three-way suck fest and Jonathan cums into Sergio’s greedy mouth. Michael cums onto Sergio’s glistening face just as Sergio climaxes onto his own torso in a finale that must be seen to be believed.

Scene 2: Kennedy Carter, Salvatore Dolce, and Michael Lucas

Tattooed duo Kennedy Carter and Salvatore Dolce can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off and go to town on one another’s stuff dicks! Kennedy buries his face into Salvatore’s muscular body and Salvatore is happy to face fuck him as a reward. Salvator bends the blond slut over to rapidly and hungrily stroke his puckering asshole with his tongue, sandwiching his face in between two exquisite buns. Salvatore invades the pristine boy’s ass and fucks him like a wild bull until he comes across his six pack abs. Salvatore cums into Kennedy’s slutty mouth, Michael Lucas shows up, and the scene turns into a wild piss party!

Scene 3: Glenn Coste and Manuel Rokko

Slurping on Manuel Rokko’s hot Latin uncut cock, tattooed French boy Glenn Coste is pleasantly surprised when he gets supersoaked with a humongous stream of shimmering piss! Drenched all over his face, he drowns in Manuel’s juices and continues to open up wide to take whatever Manuel can dish straight into his throat. Manuel in turn drops to his knees to have his own fun with Glenn’s shower of piss, blowing him and sucking in every drop he can. The two wrestle on a hardwood floor and Rokko forces Glenn to lap up a puddle straight from the floor, splashing him in the shallow pool while holding his head down.

Scene 4: Rafael Alencar, Joseph Mercier, and Jonathan Agassi

Inside a king-sized shower, Rafael Alencar bathes Joseph Mercier and Jonathan Agassi in his own special stream, straight from his uncut monster dick! Jonathan and Joseph lap up Rafael’s piss stream with a parched thirst, smearing their lips across every crevice of his built, muscular, Brazilian frame. Not one to come up short in any situation, Rafael continues erupting with urine like a fountain statue as the two boys play in their new yellow bath. Soon Joseph joins in on the pee play and Jonathan Agassi is happy to soak it all in, once again proving himself to be the new king of raunch!

Scene 5: Jonathan Agassi and Rafael Carreras

Never getting enough raunch in his life, Jonathan Agassi drops to his knees and pisses into his own mouth like a filthy champion, He sucks on Rafael Carreras’s mammoth monster cock and Rafael pauses to piss into Jonathan’s thirsty mouth. The two Lucas Entertainment studs piss into a wine glass and bathe in its contents without any hesitation! If there was ever any doubt that one can’t swim in a man’s urine in style, this scene will undoubtedly prove it wrong.

Scene 6: Jonathan Agassi, Rio Silver, and Harry Louis

Back in the “golden” shower, Jonathan Agassi douses Rio Silver in a stream of urine, and takes some of Rio’s piss into his own mouth. They spit it back and forth, makeout style, until they are joined by a Harry Louis for a soaking wet threeway!

Scene 7: Lucio Saints and Max Duran

Max Duran has no qualms about pissing in his living room. Showering Lucio Saints’ gigantic, hulking muscle frame with his piss in a modern orange chair. Lucio spits the piss back at its maker and jerks him off with his mouth, his own cock in hand. The buddies swap intense blowjobs before Max lays down in the puddle of his own urine to get face fucked by the hot and buff Lucio. They continue sucking each other off and graduate to another wet n’ wild session of piss play. Finally cutting to the inevitable chase, Lucio sinks his big brown cock into Max’s supple ass and plows him until they both cum all over Max’s torso.

Scene 8: Michael Lucas and Nubius

Michael strips black muscle god Nubius and the two begin a hot and heavy kiss-a-thon. Michael sucks on Nubius’s thick black cock and the two extend their embrace into an exquisite 69. Michael drops from above and fucks Nubius in his buff black ass without mercy. Michael cums in Nubius’s mouth following a hot doggy-style plowing, and then stands up to desecrate his partner further under a golden hose-down of Michael’s sloppy piss!