Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita: Director's Cut

Inspired by the classic tale of sex, glamour and debauchery, Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita dives into Manhattan's exclusive worlds of fashion, celebrity, and society... and further down into its seedy underground sex club culture. Don't miss the most anticipated film of the year by New York magazine's “pop prince of porn” Michael Lucas!

Opening: Michael Lucas plays Max Todd, an author-turned-magazine-columnist with a loyal boyfriend, Corey (Cole Ryan), and a frustrating case of writer's block. Max ventures through New York society, starting at the hottest fashion show of the season, Jack Bond’s new collection. Paparazzi, downtown hipsters, and beautiful people are everywhere.

Scene One: As Jack Bond’s fashion collection debuts onstage, the drama backstage at the show gets even hotter, with two models (Lucas exclusives Ben Andrews and Jack MacCarthy) missing their cues for an impressive utility-room fuck. Big things fit in deliciously tight spaces.

Scene Two: Following the show, Max stays for the after party and mingles with old friends. Designer (and Lucas exclusive) Jack Bond approaches him with a snarky hello. Later, Michael and his one-time love interest Nick Cameron (Jason Ridge) catch Bond hooking up with a stubborn bodyguard (Lucas exclusive Wilson Vasquez). Wilson and Jack’s hard, buff bodies pair up for one hot, sweaty session.

Scene Three: We follow Michael’s former assistant Rick Arnold (Pete Ross) home after the show with fellow fashion show patron (and Lucas exclusive) Jonathan Vargas. The two have a butt-poundingly good time.

Scene Four: In their limo ride back home, Max (Michael Lucas) and Nick (Jason Ridge) pick up a hot trick (Derrick Hanson), who also happened to be a model in the runway show. They get high back at Derrick’s Brooklyn apartment and have a sizzling three-way fuck-fest.

Scene Five: Max gets reprimanded by Corey for being so distant, but that doesn’t stop him from spending a day following Hollywood’s latest “it” couple (Ray Star and special guest star Vivid Girl Savanna Samson) on a paparazzi-filled whirlwind of shopping (at Marc Jacobs!), partying (VIP-style!) and fountain-jumping (at New York City’s City Hall Park). Ray hooks up with a nightclub dancer (Brad Star), which causes mad drama with Samson. But the it’s worth it in the end—Stars collide for a couple of blue-eyed boys with all-American good looks who know how to make each other cum like crazy!

Scene Six: Max and Corey attend a super-swanky literary party thrown by Max’s mentor Preston Connors (Lucas Exclusive Spencer Quest). Max catches Preston getting it on in a closet with a young twink (Jamie Donovan). Manly Spencer teaches smooth-bodied cutie Jamie a thing or two about cock and ass.

Scene Seven: Powerful publisher (and hung Lucas exclusive) Chad Hunt takes a frustrated Corey (Cole Ryan) home after the party and pounds him with his monster cock. It’s Corey’s ultimate form of revenge on Max.

Scene Eight: Max (Michael Lucas) gets word that Preston is getting arrested for sleeping with a minor. The event causes him to spiral into depression, drinking his way to a seedy underground sex club where he fucks a stranger (Justin Christopher). His former assistant Rick, who followed him into the club, takes a photo of him doing so.

Closing: Max bursts out of the sex club in a drunken stupor, trying to catch Pete in order to delete the photo. Will he find him? Will Max let it go and decide to turn his life around? Find out in the stunning conclusion what it really means to live the “sweet life.”