Dear Reviewer,

The dark, underground world of a New York City gigolo is as cutthroat as it is kinky. Hustlers hit the streets hunting for their next john. Pimps demand their cuts. Loyalties are lost at the wayside. Following the tragic death of his lover, ex-hustler Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) is thrust back into that sordid world in order to survive and gets caught in a web of deceit, lies… and murder. Sometimes life can become unbearable. Will Louis get his ultimate revenge?

Opening: The strangled body of Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) has been found in his Upper West Side apartment. A CSI crew is investigating the crime scene. What happened? Who killed Louis?

Sex Scene One: We flash back to Louis (Michael Lucas) hooking up with a john (Jason Ridge) that he met at a hustler bar. Reclaiming his escort past, Louis takes care to work his john up, sucking his toes, eating his ass, and feeding him his large, uncut cock before fucking his brains out in multiple positions. Satisfied, the john pays Louis, who turned back to hustling after the death of his lover (Spencer Quest) put him in financial straits.

Sex Scene Two: Meanwhile, also needy for money, pimp Vic (Ray Star) gives kinky German Kurt (Lars Svenson) the business card for his next client and tells him to turn the extreme sex play down before someone gets hurt. Kurt heads to Ken Jergeson’s (Jason Sparks) apartment and after some intense dick sucking and toe licking, the two forcibly fuck. Ken swallows every last drop of Kurt’s cum. (The DIRECTORS’ EDITION includes a feature where Lars and Jason piss all over each other!)

Sex Scene Three: Vic (Lucas exclusive Ray Star) takes his hustler JJ (Lucas exclusive J.) to a club to scope out new recruits. They eye Nate (Zack Randall) and take him home to give him a test run. Nate sucks Vic’s cock with vigor, and soon Nate and Vic are having their way with JJ’s tight ass, taking turns pounding it from behind. (The DIRECTORS’ EDITION includes a feature where Ray, Zack and J. piss all over each other!)

Sex Scene Four: Vic confronts Louis, who used to work for him, at a restaurant, telling him he can’t turn a trick unless it goes through him. Vic threatens Louis with a knife and puts him down, showing off his new guy Ben (Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews) as younger and more hung. We follow Ben as he hooks up for a threesome with couple muscle daddy Steve (Scott Tanner) and twink Kyle (Kurt Wild). The couple worship Ben’s monster uncut cock, followed by tons of 2-on-1 action that includes ass-eating and toe-sucking. Steve and Ben then take turns fucking Kyle until cum flies.

Sex Scene Five: Louis gets a call from a trick he’s never met before, Ken Jergeson. He heads over and does his job, and while he leaves the building to his next client, we see Kurt sneakily re-enter before the door closes after him. Meanwhile, Vic sets up his new guy Nate (Zack Randall) with a stressed out European businessman Nicholas (Arpad Miklos). Nate gags on Nicholas’ huge cock and opens his hole wide for Nicholas’ tongue in order to prep for a deep fuck. (The DIRECTORS’ EDITION includes a feature where Zack and Arpad piss all over each other!)

Closing: A cop questions Louis about the murder of Ken Jergeson, his first trick from the previous night. Panicked, Louis goes to his second trick’s apartment, hoping to get him as an alibi, but he only gets his wife. Louis heads back to the hustler bar and overhears talk that one of Vic’s guys may have had a part in the murder. Convinced that he was framed, Louis tracks Vic down to the Slipper Room, only to get roughed up by Vic’s bodyguards. Defeated, Louis heads back to the bar, has a drink, and encounters Kurt. Back at Louis’ apartment, Kurt appears ready to give his client what he wants…

Flash forward to the present, where the CSI crew is investigating the crime scene of Louis’ murder. A detective picks up a wallet from the floor…

BONUS SEX SCENE: Horny bad boy Damian (Jimmy Trips) and two more of Vic’s guys (Anthony Marks and Lucas exclusive Erik Grant) suck and fuck on the hustler bar pool table!