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"FOOT ACTION" takes the feet fetish to a worshipping level! Watch 25 passionate men play with feet sniffing, licking, sucking, and jerking. These ripped studs have big feet and bigger dicks and love playing with both. Each horny hunk is dying to get a beautiful foot shoved in his hungry mouth! Toe 69 action, heel biting, and spit-covered feet are served up in loads as these men get off with "FOOT ACTION"!

Scene One: Drew Cutler and Jake Lyons, Antonio Biaggi and Ramon Rinaldi, Jake Lyons and Michael Lucas

It’s a fact that the rugged Drew Cutler and the baby-faced Jake Lyons have genuine chemistry with one another. They worked (and fucked) together already in “Piss on Me,” and here in “FOOT ACTION!” they’re paired up once again.

Drew, with his stern and masculine good looks, is once again in charge, thrusting his booted foot in the face of a crawling Jake, wearing only a jockstrap. Jake worships Drew’s boots, socks, and feet -- but he ultimately gets off on sucking every last one of Drew’s toes!

When Jake and Drew are finished, we hook up with Ramon Rinaldi and his buddy, Antonio Biaggi, who both take rock-hard pleasure in passionately making out and switching back and forth for toe-sucking and foot-licking.

Jake Lyons once again rounds out the scene by worshiping Michael Lucas’ bare feet and toes before moving his gaping mouth up to his huge, uncut cock!

Scene Two: Alessio Romero and R.J. Alexander, Gabe Russell and Brent Soow

The rugged Latino stud Alessio Romero once again pairs up with the sexy R.J Alexander for some raunchy fun. The first met in “Piss on Me” where they got everyone rock hard with their intense session of golden showers and power-fucking. Here, they once again tear into each other with a deep session of passionate kissing followed by long and deep foot and toe worship. Neither one’s feet are left untouched after their done sniffing, licking, and spitting!

Once their finished, we enter the bedroom of Gabe Russell and Brent Soow. These two guys love socks: they both take their time taking deep whiffs of the other’s sock-clad feet, all the while moaning and closing their eyes in ecstasy. Both Gabe Russell and Brent Soow are so into each other that they 69, but not with dick-sucking. Rather, it’s toe-sucking!

Scene Three: Conner Habib and Steven Daigle, James Jones and Win Solder

Steven Daigle has an adorable and alluring face, but that’s not what the hot, hairy-chested Conner Habib is fixated on. Its Steven’s feet he wants! Once Conner is done kissing Steven’s lips, he lifts up his legs and admires Steven feet and toes with his slippery tongue. Steven gets worked up himself, so the two lie down and have some serious action the other others feet.

Afterwards, we learn quickly that Win Solder and James Jones are only interested in each others feet. They don’t even bother stripping off their white boxer-brief! At first, they take their slow and intimate time worshipping each other socks and toes. But as they both get hotter and harder, they 60, sucking each others toes as if they were rock-hard dicks!

Steven Four: Alessio Romero and Dirk Caber, Black Angel and Brandon Steel

Alessio Romero and Dirk Caber find their way to one another once again. These two burly studs first sucked and fucked each other in “Eye Contact,” but now there only interested in feet! Dirk begins the session with deep and slippery toe worship, and the stoically handsome Alessio loves every second of it. Soon after, Alessio returns the favor as they lick each other’s feet at the same time!

Once the studs are through, we meet Brandon Steel and Black Angel. Brandon Steel possesses youthful good looks, and Black Angel has sexy mocha skin. Their admiration for each other’s feet is intense: they have a saucy 69 session before Black Angel pulls out his thick, black cock and uses Brandon's feet to jerk it off. He gets so excited that he busts his load all over Brandon's face and mouth!

Scene Five: Cavin Knight and Tristan Jaxx, Braxton Bond and Cezar Dior, Joey Milano and Parker London

Cavin Knight is bedded against a drop backdrop: he’s wearing on his tight, white briefs and is rubbing his large, masculine feet together. The man to worship them is none other than Tristan Jaxx, who takes great care as he licks Cavin's feet and sucks his toes, When he’s done, Cavin's toes are glistening with Tristan’s saliva.

As Tristan finishes with his foot worship, Braxton Bond moves into his role with great vigor praise the feet of Cezar Dior as if they were idols. Cezar loves all of the attention -- he can’t stop smiling as Braxton (a passionate bottom) services his feet.

If there is one guy who is into worshipping feet as much as Braxton, it’s muscular stud Joey Milano, who treats the feet of Parker London to a tongue bath. Parker is in heaven: he’s sprawled out on a bed as Joey moves from foot to foot. In fact, Joey gets so hard and excited that he uses Parker’s feet to jerk off his dick!