Fire Island Cruising 6

Dear Reviewer:

The 26th release from Lucas Entertainment, Fire Island Cruising 6 picks up right where the popular Fire Island Cruising 5 left off, with hunky Rob Ramos still looking to hook-up with sizzling sex god Wilson Vasquez. Will the two new Lucas Entertainment exclusives ever meet? Director Michael Lucas builds the drama in this five-scene sex spectacular, set on New York’s sultry Fire Island.

Scene One: The spark is lit with red-hot pairing of Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Marco Rochelle and Midwestern hornball Cameron Fox. After a brief make-out session, the versatile duo engages in a heavy suck fest that escalates into Fox eating out Rochelle’s gasping manhole. Rochelle teases Fox’s hungry sphincter with his haughty cock before fucking him, and they flip-flop fuck until both splooge their willing loads.

Scene Two: Cameron Fox runs back to his place to brag about his recent hot hook-up to his friends. To his surprise, Rob Ramos still hasn’t hooked up with the guy he’s been eyeing throughout the summer, the gorgeous Wilson Vasquez. The guys put the pressure on Ramos, who finally decides to track Vasquez down. Little does Ramos know that Vasquez is on the other side of the island hooking up with cutie Damion. Damion sucks on Vasquez’ massive, uncut member before the two get into position to 69. Then Vasquez flips Damion over to ram him doggy style. Damion explodes all over himself, and Vasquez cums all over him in return. On his way out, Vasquez runs into Ramos, who shyly pretends that he went into the wrong house and scurries away.

Scene Three: Elsewhere on the island, there’s a foursome a-brewin’ with beefy Arpad Miklos, muscle-bound Brandon Roo, Latin hot-body Felipe Carson, and agile Aaron Heights. The quartet takes turns kissing and sucking each other off before laying on the ground for a hot suck train. Roo fucks Heights doggy style and Miklos takes Carson similarly from behind, leaving Heights and Carson to make out with each other while getting it up their hungry hairholes. After a fuck train and some sturdy bench-top ass grinding, they end up in pairs with bottoms Heights and Carson shooting their massive loads and Roo and Miklos following in suit.

Scene Four: On his walk home, Arpad Miklos gets picked up by Frenchie Marco Rochelle, who brings the hung Hungarian back to his place for a threesome with hunky Rob Romoni. Romoni gets a mouthful when Rochelle and Miklos both face-fuck him on a poolside lounge. When Miklos starts fingering and chowing down on Romini’s luscious ass, Rochelle joins in on the fun. Miklos decides to lay it deep into Romoni with his giant cock, and once again Rochelle gets into the action as the center of a well-oiled fuck train. Both Rochelle and Miklos jack their man-juice off over Romoni in a stunning conclusion.

Scene Five: Determined to get Rob Ramos his dream guy, Cameron Fox drags Ramos to meet with Wilson Vasquez, who has been waiting to hook up as well all along. The two stallions hit it off immediately, with Ramos eagerly chowing down on Vasquez’ thick dick. A smoldering 69 ensues until Ramos spreads eagle to take in all of Vasquez that he can. The intense fucking that follows has to be seen to believe, with both energetic hunks busting nuts over each other in what is surely one of the hottest moments of the year.