Fire Island Cruising 4

Dear Reviewer:

Michael Lucas turns up the heat once again in Fire Island Cruising 4, Lucas Entertainment’s 19th video and the sequel to Fire Island Cruising 3. When we last saw the Fire Island crew, Gallic stud Marco Rochelle had found a new boyfriend in Tom International, while Michael Lucas and his lover had decided to try monogamy like their friends Carlos Morales and Christophe Blanc. Everyone seems to have found true love at last, but on Fire Island, anything can happen and does-- in two full hours of scorching sex.

Scene One: Tom International proves that he is not quite the knight in shining armor that he seemed at the end of Fire Island Cruising 3. Unbeknownst to his boyfriend, Marco, Tom has been fooling around on the side. In bright daylight, he pounds his big cock in and out of limber buttboy Aaron Heights, then drops a thick load on Aaron’s face and neck. What he doesn’t know is that Marco’s friend Michael Lucas has been spying on them from the bushes.

Scene Two: When Lucas tells Marco what he saw, the angry Marco retaliates with a story of his own. Michael’s supposedly monogamous lover, Trent Everett, has also been screwing around. Back in a New York City apartment, horsehung Chad Hunt rims Trent’s ass before ramming it with his monster meat.

Scene Three: Christophe Blanc and Carlos Morales act superior because their relationship is supposedly so strong and honest. But things are not what they seem. After making up a fake story, Christophe sneaks off to a raging poolside sex party with Aaron Heights and four newcomers: lean Israeli Jony Kfir, studly and versatile Brandon Williams, adorable Kevin Roberts and hung twink Tommie. After the orgy (in the director’s cut version of the video), the insatiable Tommie manages to fist himself.

Scene Four: It turns out that Carlos Morales has also been lying. In a dark, intense Jacuzzi sequence, this superbottom star returns to his top roots, practically turning the muscular Diego Alvarez’s ass inside out with his thick cock. (The director’s cut includes heavy watersports.)

Scene Five: Marco Rochelle and Michael Lucas patch up their friendship and realize that what they really want has been in front of them all along: each other. The two men suck each other’s uncut dicks and Marco fingers Michael’s ass. Then Lucas tenderly fucks his friend by romantic candlelight. Despite all the duplicity, in the end, love really does conquer all!