Encounters 5: Burning Desire

Dear Reviewer:

You’re out and about all the time… at the gym, in the club, traveling for business. How can you resist your primal urge to fuck every hot guy who crosses your path? In ENCOUNTERS 5: Burning Desire, all of the guys give in! Featuring Lucas powerhouse exclusives Wilson Vasquez and Jonathan Vargas, along with Jimmy, Jason Ridge, Vin Nolan, John Lamb, Brian Bodine, and Nicholas Lockwood, it’s a cum-filled collection of scenes featuring big-dicked guys who can’t resist their burning desires!

Scene One: It Happened One Night
After a fun-filled night of clubbing, hottie John Lamb convinces Lucas exclusive Wilson Vasquez that he’s too drunk to make it home alone. Wilson takes the couch and drunk-dials his girlfriend, and their dirty talk gets Wilson hot and bothered. But he hears John coming and pretends to be asleep. John, seeing the passed-out muscle hunk on his couch, can’t resist sucking on his hard monster cock. Wilson, happy his plan worked to get his joint sucked, pretends to wake up and goes straight to pounding John’s tight hole deep into the night.

Scene Two: Dad’s Porno
Cute skater boy Nicholas Lockwood takes bad-boy Jimmy home from school. After they raid the alcohol cabinet and watch some of his dad’s straight porn, Nicholas asks Jimmy if he wants a blowjob. Jimmy says yes, and the two decide to act out what they see on screen with each other. Nicholas goes down on Jimmy’s huge member, which Jimmy then uses to fuck Nicholas’ smooth hole until the two explode all over Nicholas’ chest. A definite after-school special!

Scene Three: Post-Gym Workout
After a sweaty workout at the gym, jock Brian Bodine invites baseball-capped Vin Nolan home and the two decide to work out a different set of muscles. Vin has a good old time slipping his hard cock in and out of Brian’s bouncy bubble butt over the couch, on the couch, and then down to the floor. (If this is Brian’s first ever on-screen bottoming scene, he sure takes it like a trooper!)

Scene Four: Room Service
Horny businessman Jason Ridge checks in to his hotel… and checks out the bellboy (Lucas exclusive Jonathan Vargas) who shows him his room and asks if anything else is needed. Jason asks for a massage, which Jonathan is reluctant about—he could get fired! But he gives in, and the sensual touching turns into a full workout of cock sucking, ass eating, and flip-flop fucking until the two explode over each other in cum-filled bliss. Room service has never been so top-notch! (As Jonathan’s first ever on-screen bottoming session, seeing his beautiful ass get pounded is a sight to behold.)