Scene 01: Marc Dylan and Michael Lucas

Marc Dylan might be a muscular, hot-shot pornstar, but it takes Michael Lucas to properly introduce him into the world of raunchy gay porn. Marc begins by showing Michael’s cock its proper due -- a hot blowjob, and Michael makes sure the beefcake bottom struggles to swallow his 10-inch uncut Russian cock. After Michael is satisfied with the initial oral action, She stands over Marc’s face, tells him to open up, and fires a stream of hot piss into his bottom bitch’s gaping mouth. The piss flows out of Marc’s mouth as he gargles it up so he doesn’t choke. Marc gets wet himself: he lets loose a torrent from his dick that makes it looks like the southern pornstar has not pissed in days! Marc soaks the leather mattress so much that Michael cups his hands and splashes wave after wave of piss all over Marc’s face and asshole. Michael doesn’t wait to roll on a condom and prove what he can do to a bottom boy’s ass: Marc’s hole puckers up and Michael slides right in, slamming him in a pool of raunchy gay piss! While Marc is moaning and groaning with each thrust, Michael smacks piss into Marc’s mouth to shut him up. After they’re done fucking, Marc sucks on Michael some more before they both soak their dicks with more urine. And what better to mix in with the steaming yellow mess than an explosion of cum? Michael and Marc never fail to deliver!

Scene 02: Dominik Rider and Shane Frost

Muscular gay pornstar Dominik Rider orders Shane Frost to open his mouth wide and roll his tongue out -- all for the strong stream of piss that Dominik lets loose, and Shane wastes no time begging and lapping it up. After Dominik finishes taking a leak in Shane’s mouth, he thrusts his dick into the bottom’s mouth and fucks it like a hungry asshole. Dominik moves his hips and thrashes his cock down Shane’s throat, and he loves all the harsh attention! After Dominik is done, Shane is ready to empty out his own full bladder, so Dominik gets down on his knees and opens his mouth up for his own helping of gay piss. When Dominik’s mouth is properly lubricated, Shane starts face-fucking Dominik just like he was. Dominik wants to show off his skills after awhile, so he eats out Shane before bending him over the sofa and mounting him like a dog in heat. Shane moans and begs while Dominik thrusts and pounds his tight ass from behind. The guys piss some more before Shane, too, gets hard and anxious for some ass play. Dominik gets on his back and throws his legs up in the air; Shane has clear entry into the hole hidden between Dominik’s plump ass cheeks. He fucks him in their stew of urine before they take each other’s cum in the mouth!

Scene 03: Christopher Daniels and Parker London

While Parker London naturally has a clean, all-American look, blond hunk Christopher Daniels sullies it at the very beginning of their scene by soaking and drenching Parker in his piss. Chris has a big cock, and there is plenty of piss shooting from it into Parker’s open and begging mouth, who spits it back onto Chris’ flexed six-pack stomach. After he’s drained, Chris face-fucks Parker, gagging him with each pump down his throat! Chris is one of the sexiest gay pornstars working today, and it’s instant hard-on material seeing him drop to his knees to take all the same abuse that he just doled out to Parker. Chris blows Parker’s piss back onto his body while keeping him hard with a deep, slurping blowjob. After the boys are done with their hardcore dick sucking, Chris gets down on his elbows and knees, exposing his tight hole to Parker, who dives right in for a hot ass-eating session. Parker keeps Chris nice and tender by ringing out his urine-soaked jock into Chris’ hole. Chris begs and moans for cock, so Parker fills his needs -- rolling on a condom, he opens up Chris’ hole and starts to pound the begging blond bitch. Parker gives Chris one hell of a workout by flipping the blond sex machine into different positions, including have Chris sit on his lap and do all the work by riding Parker’s cock! When Chris is on his back, Parker hammers him while he pisses all over himself. The scene is complete when the guys mixed the puddles of piss with their cum!

Scene 04: Antonio Biaggi and Roy Jones

Whenever hardcore gay pornstar Antonio Biaggi shows up on set, it’s a guaranteed raunch fest, and he doesn’t disappoint this time around! His bottom whore for this scene is Roy Jones, who takes no greater pleasure in sex than being treated like the bottom bitch he is. Rest assured, Antonio is more than willing to help out in that department! Antonio’s weapon of choice is his big, hard, and uncut 10-inch dick, and Roy drops to his knees to worship it with his gagging throat. Roy’s lips are not allowed to take a rest while they are used in the service of Antonio’s pleasure. The guys get hot and heavy, and their dicks start letting loose geysers of piss! Antonio bends Roy over and washes down his asshole before stretching it out with his massive dick. Roy starts by bending over and clutching the edge of the table; he squints and clenches his teeth as Antonio slips into his backend, barely able to handle it! But Antonio doesn’t take any nonsense from his bottom, and he stretches himself out on the table so Roy can park his ass right on Antonio’s erection! Roy rides Antonio like a bitch in heat, who hold his cheeks open for the deepest penetration possible. After Antonio bangs the hell out of Roy while he’s on his back and bent over, the bottom cums right before Antonio showers him with one more wave of piss and drops his own load!

Scene 05: Alessio Romero and Shay Michaels

Shay Michaels and Alessio Romero are two furry beefcakes made for each other -- it’s a good thing they’ve been paired up in this Lucas Raunch scene! Along with being a pair of sex-crazed pigs, these hot guys are also whores for streams and streams of warm gay piss! Alessio starts out by dominating Shay, who is on his knees sucking the Latin pig off in between spurts of urine. Alessio is so into himself that he even sniffs his own armpits while Shay services him. The piggish pornstars switch positions and Alessio sucks on Shay’s dick, milking it for the hot golden fluid it’s filled with. Eventually Alessio can’t hold back and he starts hosing down Shay, who loves the golden liquid he’s being showered with. This is a scene all about versatility: Shay and Alessio play with each other’s holes, rubbing them with probing fingers and eating them out. Alessio is the first to get fucked as the guys get down and dirty in puddles of their own urine! Alessio is a rugged beast who loves having Shay’s dick slamming in and out of him, wanting more and more. They flip-flop so Shay can show Alessio what he’s capable of taking: the guys fuck each other while taking brief breaks to piss even more. When all of the urine is out of their systems, the only thing left for their dicks to spray is all of their cum!