Cum in My Mouth

Scene 01:

Jessie Colter, a porn star of great sex-hungry caliber (not to mention his insatiable ass that can take one hell of a pounding) opens up his mouth wide for some seed from none other than Robert Van Damme, a muscle power-top who can give it as hard as Jessie can take it. Jessie is begging for cum, and Robert doesn't deny his bottom boy what he's begging for! Among the other cum-hungry men are Jonathan Agassi, Jessy Ares, Rafael Alencar, Mathew Mason, and Edji Da Silva!

Scene 02:

Johnny Venture and Edji Da Silva debuted on Lucas Entertainment with each other as Exclusive performers at the time they made their huge splash in gay porn with the studio. Edji and Johnny both are men's men, and when they have sex they like to have it long and hard/ Johnny is known for his massively thick uncut cock, and Edji for his handsome looks and furry Arab body. When these guys fuck it's an event not to miss, and when they shoot their hot loads on each other, it's the ultimate ending! Also featured alongside them are Rafael Carreras, Will Helm, Joanthan Agassi, Ace Rockwood, Spencer Reed, Jessie Colter, Matan Shalev, Steven Daigle, Michael Lucas, and many more!

Scene 03:

Issac Jones is someone you’d want to bottom for you: he’s so handsome, tall and lean, and has an ass to die for. But he’s also got quite the uncut cock between his legs, so be decided to get some ass from Miles Racer, a bottom who could never say no to a cock like Issac’s. And Issac proves he’s got the stuff to fuck an ass long and hard, and the load of sticky white cum he covers Miles in is an orgasm you won’t soon forget! Appearing with Issac and Miles is Michael Lucas, Mathew Mason, Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, D.O., and Jessy Ares!

Scene 04:

Trent Davis is a furry white cub with a taste for black dick. Lucas Entertainment has an exclusive model by the name of Sean Xavier. Sean has a big black dick -- and it’s a very big black dick! And Sean Xavier makes Trent work long and hard for the warm creamy center of his pecker! Luke Milan, Jessy Ares, Tyler Wolf, Edji Da Silva, Vito Gallo, Michael Lucas, Parker London, and Steven Daigle also make appearance in this scene along with several more!

Scene 05:

Twinks are not Dale Cooper’s first choice of guys to get down and fuck with, but Hunter Page was one such twink he made and got his dick wet inside of! But if Hunter wants Dale’s cock he’s got to work for it, and that means sucking and riding hard. And when Dale Cooper isn’t able to hold back any more, Hunter Page finally gets what he wants -- a face full of white hot seed! And don’t overlook hot porn stars like Vito Gallo, D.O., Edji Da Silva, Marco Sessions, Rafael Carreras, Adrian Long, Tate Ryder, Adam Killian, and several other guys. They all have balls full of come, and here is where they squirt!