Cruising Budapest VI: Brian Bodine

Dear Reviewer:

Michael Lucas brings Brian Bodine along for a whirlwind tour of the seedier side of Budapest. Brian savors a feast of hung uncut cocks, tasty bubble butts and more in CRUISING BUDAPEST VI: BRIAN BODINE!

Scene One: As ebony stud Brian Bodine begins to prepare breakfast, Flavio Valentino can’t take his eyes off of Brian’s supple ass and gropes him from behind. After making out the two strip and swab each others meaty cocks. A 69 session and generous ass eating allows Brian to plunge his dark dick deep into Flavio’s pearly trench. The two flip fuck and share copious loads over Brian’s ripped stomach.

Scene Two: Michael Lucas quickly introduces himself to Steve Hunt with kisses on the lips. Steve goes down on Michael’s uncut knob and the two then stuff their faces with each other’s armpits. The action continues in the bedroom, first with some intense 69ing, and then a tongue twisting rimming session. After Michael slams his cock into Steve’s tight hole in numerous acrobatic positions, he shoots thick strands of jizz all over Steve’s face, while Steve’s cock explodes over Michael’s legendary schlong.

Scene Three: Renato Belaggio and Lucio Maverick are lounging but can’t contain their lust and attack each other’s sweaty armpits with their talented tongues. After groping themselves through their tighty-whities, the two simultaneously suck their thick uncut boners and take turns licking their tight assholes. Renato then takes a ride on Lucio’s cock, but he can’t get enough, and bends over to allow Lucio more access to his sphincter. Lucio then creams Renato’s face with a hot thick load of Budapest batter.

Scene Four: Brian Bodine is welcomed back to the apartment with a dual knee-buckling blowjob by the Mangiatti twins. Brian returns the greeting by swallowing both cocks and gives equal amounts of oral action on their butts and toes. The twins then take turns feeding Brian’s holes at both ends, making sure this is a trip he’ll never forget!

Scene Five: Enrico Belaggio and Tony Magera find a secluded room and proceed to swap spit. After stripping, the two exchange mouth-watering blowjobs and take turns penetrating each others anal rings with their talented tongues. The two don condoms and hammer each others asses with their beefy dicks. Tony sprays Enrico’s face with a generous portion of cum, while Enrico strokes his meat to a jizz-tastic climax.