Chris Crocker's Raw Love

Scene 01: Seth Roberts Takes a Bareback Pounding from Saxton West’s Raw Dick

Seth Roberts has never performed bareback for Lucas Entertainment, but when he learned that it would be with Saxton West, it was love at first sight. Seth has a special place in his heart and hole for ginger men, and when they’re power tops it’s a dream come true. Seth performs for Saxton beautifully: he worships his muscular body, swallows his throbbing cock, and takes it up the ass like the bottom champ he always proves himself to be! Saxton has never fucked someone as fun and limber as Seth, so he will surely be returning for more!

Scene 02: Fernando Torres and Valentino Medici Have a Romantic Flip-Fuck Session

Valentino Medici has been the object of Fernando Torres' affection for a long time, and he's finally landed the man he's been after. Fernando looks killer in his briefs -- his rock-hard body is complimented only by a big uncut Latino cock and Valentino loves to use his hands and mouth on it. Fernando and Valentino both enjoy bottoming, but when they see an ass they love they want to use their throbbing cocks. Fernando and Valentino take their time sucking each others cocks long and deep before they fuck one another with their beautiful huge cocks!

Scene 03: Michael Lucas Fucks Jake Andrews Bareback

Michael Lucas invites his new hot friend, Jake Andrews, over for some early morning coffee. Jake has been in love with Michael for a long time, so he jumped on the chance to see Michael in private. Jake Andrews is look for sex, and that’s what Michael gives him! Michael treats Jake to an attentive blowjob and ass rimming, which loosens up the sexy bottom for his top’s raw cock! Michael takes Jake in all different positions, slamming his ass raw with his 10 inches of uncut Russian cock!

Scene 04: Jonathan Agassi and Draven Torres Have Bareback Sex

Jonathan Agassi. He’s a Lucas Entertainment legend what has been fucking for the studio since Lucas Entertainment filmed its beautiful hardcore gay porn movies in Israel, and ever since he’s been a top fan favorite. But never before has Jonathan given his dick raw, but that’s about to change! The studio has teamed Jonathan Agassi up with Draven Torres to show exactly what he can do with another porn star and his own raw cock. This is not a scene to be missed: Jonathan makes Draven his bitch, and when he’s done with him Draven will never want another raw cock save Jonathan Agassi’s!

Scene 05: Bareback Sensation Chris Crocker Makes His Lucas Entertainment Debut

Chris Crocker sits down to a romantic dinner with his boyfriend, Justin Goble, and the first thing he serves Chris is a hearty glass of wine. But more than wine, Chris has his man’s hard cock on his mind, and the feast he will make of his hole at that! After the guys suck each other’s cocks and Chris gives Justin’s ass a thorough tongue bath, Chris tops his man with his raw cock in one of the hottest bareback sex scenes seen on Lucas Entertainment to date!