Bust A Nut

Scene 01: Andrey Vic Breeds Philipp Wants’ Ass


Andrey Vic breeds Philipp Wants’ ass and roughs him up good on Lucas Entertainment! Sometimes French gay men are as extra sensual as they are piggish and hungry for cock. While Andrey Vic was visiting friends in France, he was messaged by Philipp Wants on Grindr, and Philipp was up front about what he wanted—to get his ass destroyed by Andrey Vic’s fat uncut Ukranian cock! Philipp Wants begs Andrey Vic to bust a nut using his French ass as a sex toy, and that’s exactly what Andrey Vic does. After all, he loves it when a guy begs for his seed—it turns him on all the more. It also guarantees he will rough you up more.

Scene 02: Dylan James Slams Alex Mason In The Ass


Dylan James slams Alex Mason in the ass on Lucas Entertainment! Alex Mason has a hard-on for guys with tattoos, and the more ink on a guy’s flesh, then the more turned on he is. Dylan James is known for his tattoos, along with his muscular body and his nine inches of hard cock—his cock is so big and so desired, there’s even a dildo fashioned from it, which is available for sale now in the Lucas Stone. Dylan James loves a horny bottom ready to service his needs with a wet mouth and tight ass, and Alex is ready to drop to his knees and provide exactly that.

Scene 03: Andre Donovan And Ethan Chase Double Penetrate Drew Dixon


Andre Donovan and Ethan chase double penetrate Drew Dixon on Lucas Entertainment. Andre Donovan’s big black cock has been aching to tear up Drew Dixon’s ass again for awhile now. Andre is also well aware just how much of a bottom whore Drew Dixon is, so he always brings some extra man power when he fucks the brit in the behind. Ethan Chase, with his bright and lively smile and incredible body, is invited to destroy Drew Dixon by Andre Donovan’s side. They double penetrate Drew Dixon, and he loves having both dicks up his ass at the same time!

Scene 04: Shawn Reeve Bottoms For Brock Magnus


Shawn Reeve bottoms for Brock Magnus in all his muscular glory on Lucas Entertainment! Shawn Reeve doesn’t care if some guys thinks he is shallow—he loves muscular tops, and that’s that. So when the muscular hunk Brock Magnus starts flirting with Shawn Reeve on the set of Lucas Entertainment, Brock didn’t hold back. Shawn Reeve was instantly won over set out on his singular mission of servicing all of the needs of Brock Magnus. And because Shawn Reeve proves himself to be a good and obedient bottom, Brock Magnus rewards him his a powerful ass fucking he won’t soon forget.