Banging And Breeding

Scene 01: Allen King, Jeffrey Lloyd, Babylon Prince | Bareback Threesome

Allen King appears on camera (by being thrown on the bed) with Jeffrey Lloyd and Babylon Prince, and all three of them are wearing tight-fitting briefs that seductively outline the raging hard-ons underneath. It would be a mistake to assume that Allen’s ass is going to be the sole focus of some banging and breeding delivered to him by the alpha cocks of Jeffrey and Babylon. Yes, Allen King totally gets his ass used and wrecked, but Jeffrey Lloyd gives his hole up to Babylon Prince for a deep ass fucking too. At one point the three guys form a daisy chain, with Jeffrey inside Allen, and Babylon inside Jeffrey!

Scene 02: Tomas Brand And Babylon Prince Flip Fuck

Babylon Prince has a macho attitude about him. He’s usually on top when he is in bed with other guys, fucking their asses deep and hard with his erect hard-on. But sometimes Babylon gives in and embraces his submissive side, which is exactly what happens when he encounters Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. Tomas invites Babylon back to his hotel room, where Babylon takes a shower while Tomas waits on the bed for him still wearing his navy blue tank and khaki shorts. When Babylon emerges from the bathroom he drops his towel to reveal his erect cock. A hot and intense fuck ensues where both Tomas Brand gives his ass to Babylon Prince for a deep fucking, and Babylon returns the gesture. On his back, Babylon spreads his legs for the King of All Muscle Daddies.

Scene 03: Allen King And Oliver Hunt Service Adam Franco’s Daddy Dick

Adam Franco is a handsome silver fox who receiving an incredible amount of attention from younger men who want to work out their daddy issues with him. Allen King and Oliver Hunt, two hot and tight Lucas Men with boyish good looks are among the young admirers who want to get Adam Franco in the sack. The three find themselves making out in bed, all wearing tight-fitting briefs. The real fun begins when the briefs come off, because not only does Adam work on Allen’s ass, but at his daddy’s urging, Allen King shows Adam Franco what he can do. How so? By fucking Oliver Hunt himself!

Scene 04: Apolo Adrii Tops Andrey Vic

Andrey Vic and Apolo Adrii are two incredibly hot guys with amazing chemistry when they are together. But guys are rather quiet and stoic, but when their testosterone starts pumping their sexual intensity ramps up and goes sky high. Andrey Vic is usually a top in bed because he loves the feeling of a tight and nervous hole as he first penetrates and slides in raw. But for the right guy he lives to be submissive and spread his legs. He does exactly that for total-top Apolo Adrii, but not before sucking on each other’s uncut cocks!