Auditions 04

Have you ever wondered what goes on during a porn casting call? The fourth installment of director Michael Lucas' best-selling "Auditions" series is exactly that: a front-row look at the one of the most tantalizing and intriguing moments in any adult production. This latest installment includes one of the most anticipated and talked about scenes of the year: former Colt model Edu Boxer spreading his legs on camera for the first time in his career. "It's the hottest thing I have ever directed," said Michael Lucas about the scene featuring Boxer and his real-life boyfriend, Manu Maltes. "There is something so utterly captivating about the two, you can't keep your eyes off them," he said.

Scene 1: Michael Lucas and Owen Hawk

This scene, filmed at New York City's legendary Eagle Bar, showcases a different Boxer: hairy, scruffy, and mature -- a complete departure from his days as a clean cut Colt model. As he and real-life boyfriend Manu Maltes suck and fuck, their orgasms are a much-deserved reward for us all!

Scene 2: Dario Lopez, Jack MacCarthy, and Jason Tiya

This is a threesome not to be missed! Watch the chocolate sex-god Jason Tiya as he as fun with both Jack MacCarthy and Dario Lopez. Blowjobs and versatile fucking is not in short supply here!

Scene 3: Blu Kennedy and Michael Lucas

Michael auditions newcomer Blu Kennedy, a 21-year-old redhead from Oklahoma who dreams of becoming the next big porn idol. The timid lad is in bed during the interview before Michael joins him for some sucking and fucking.

Scene 4: Michael Lucas and Parker Williams

Michael hooks up with Parker Williams -- a big, construction worker-type guy who within moments is on his back, bottoming for the director. Michael plows his 10-inch dick into Williams' big bubble butt and Williams (who rarely bottoms on camera) takes it like a pro.

Scene 5: Marcel D'Ambrosio and Michael Lucas

The film concluded with Michael Lucas and Marcel D'Ambrosio, a beautiful 30-year-old dirty-blond guy from Brooklyn. This is the guy's first time on camera but definitely not his last. During the interview, Marcel talks about his first time, his sexual preferences, and what turns him on before stripping for the sex audition. He is as straight-looking as they come -- which makes for one of the hottest auditions ever.