Auditions 30: New York Hunks

Dear Reviewer:

Scene One: Spencer Reed & Raf Rollin

Raf is a self-proclaimed twink who says he is more then ready to take Spencer. As soon as these boys shed their pants, Spencer is all over Raf's ass, licking, slurping, and spanking. Spencer starts licking Raf from dick to asshole, getting him hard and puckering. Spencer then flips Raf and they start 69ing each other's hard cocks. After more oral action Raf gets Spencer's dick all hard and hot and ready to fuck by gagging on his dick while playing with Spencer's nipples. Spencer then just lays there as Raf sits on his dick and starts riding him, sliding up and down his dick. Spencer then puts Raf on his back and then doggie style while he continues pounding Raf hard and deep. Raf finishes cumming all over his stomach as Spencer fucks him and licks his cum off of him. Spencer then shoots ropes of cum all over Raf's face before licking them off.

Scene Two: Michael Lucas & Ethan Storm

Young Southern twink Ethan Storm auditions with Michael Lucas when visiting New York. Ethan sucks Michael’s cock and shows that he is a fan of foreskin. Both strip down while Ethan continues working Michael's cock and balls as Michael gets Ethan hard and ready to such each other off in some hot 69ing. These guys can't get enough of each other as they move from each other's hard cocks to licking each other's feet and sucking on each other's toes. After some more cock play, Ethan dives into Michael's armpits. Michael then moves to Ethan's hot and ready asshole getting it all wet and ready for a good fuck before he throws him on his back and starts deep fucking Ethan in a number of positions. Michael dominates Ethan with rough plowing and spanking. Ethan opens up his ass for Michael's spit and fingers before they start at it again. Ethan shoots his load all his face, chest, and mouth while Michael is still hard inside him. Michael feed Ethan his own cum before emptying his own load all over Ethan’s waiting face and wide stretched mouth.

Scene Three: Sami Damo & Giovanni Summers

Sami Damo starts on his knees, sucking off the exotic Giovanni Summers while Giovanni plays with Sami’s ass. Giovanni lays Sami down as they shed their clothing and Sami continues to blow Giovanni. Giovanni pulls Sami’s ass up in the air and flickers his tongue across Sami’s tight hole. Giovanni gets the hole nice and wet while spanking Sami’s great ass as he perches it in the air. Sami goes down on Giovanni again to get him hard, and then Giovanni flips Sami and starts fucking his tight ass rom behind. Then Giovanni lays on his back and Sami sits on his hard cock. The rotate positions as Giovanni pounds Sami’s ass every which way he can. Giovanni then shoots his load all over Sami’s face and ready mouth, while Sami cums all over his stomach and chest.

Scene Four: Michael Lucas & Jordan Price

This Cali boy Jordan and Michael jump into it at no time at all as Jordan starts sucking Michael’s big cock. After some 69ing with Jordan’s nice black dick, Michael starts working his tight hole with his tongue and fingers. Jordan gets his ass high in the air as Michael continues to get his ass all hot and wet. Michael eases into Jordan’s tight hole slowly, but is pumping away soon enough. Jordan moans in every new position feeling the whole of Michael’s big dick fill him over and over again. Michael continues to pound and spank Jordan as Jordan’s groans just get more and more intense. Jordan finishes off Michael with a blowjob before Michael shoots his load into Jordan’s eager mouth. Jordan then jerks himself off until he cums all over his own stomach.

Scene Five: Michael Lucas & Rusty Stevens

Butt slut Rusty Stevens prefers the easy of men, and Michael is ready to be one of those men. Rusty and Michael start off with some foot licking and toe sucking before Rusty starts blowing Michael with his pierced tongue. As they stripe Michael starts eating out Rusty’s ass as Rusty groans with pleasure. Rusty starts sucking Michael off again, and the two swap spit. Michael lubes up Rusty’s asshole and Rusty fingers himself preparing to take Michael’s cock. Rusty tells Michael to pound him, which Michael does with pleasure. Michael spanks and jerks Rusty off as he fucks him in addition to making Rusty blow a dildo. Rusty moves on top of Michael and continues moaning in pleasure as he rides Michael’s cock. Michael then pulls out and starts fucking Rusty with a dildo. Michael starts fucking pounding Rusty’s ass with his own dick and Rusty shoots all over himself.