Auditions 29: Lucky Daniels' Shameless Hole

Dear Reviewer:

Lucas Entertainment’s Auditions series returns with another edition of hot amateur fucking, featuring a hole you have to see to believe. Brand new Lucas exclusives Dimitri Romanov and Valentin join Michael Lucas to audition an amazing set of porn star hopefuls, giving some of the hottest performances you’ll see this year. Featured is newcomer Lucky Daniels, making his unforgettable Lucas Entertainment debut and showing off an ass that’s sure to become a legend. Ten different guys perform everything from pit diving to open-mouth cum shots in this raunchy entry to the Auditions series.

Scene One: Michael Lucas & Lucky Daniels

Personal trainer Lucky Daniels stops in for an audition while on vacation in New York City. The Wisconsin native is put on his back to suck Michael’s cock, then continues the job on his knees. Lucky soon indulges in some energetic pit diving, which Michael reciprocates before prepping Lucky’s waiting ass. Once his ass is well-lubed, Michael gives the fitness fanatic a workout with some toe sucking thrown in as an added bonus. After push-ups into Lucky’s ass, Michael gets Lucky and his well-stretched hole to engage in some fart play before getting back to the pounding. After this performance, Daniel savors his own load before Michael adds his to the mix.

Scene Two: Dimitri Romanov & Justin Beal

Lucas Exclusive Dimitri Romanov is excited to break in New Jersey newcomer Justin Beal in this audition scene. The two start by making out, with Beal’s tongue making a quick detour into Dimitri’s pits and onto his chest. Their pants are quickly lost in favor of an athletic, deep 69ing. Justin then kisses and tongues Dimitri’s tight ass with ample amounts of spit and lube before starting a deep, slow fuck. Dimitri returns the favor, giving Justin a tongue fuck of his own before slipping his cock into Justin’s ass. Dimitri delivers his cumshot with a roar all over Beal, who sucks out the remaining juice out of his dick. Not to be outdone, Beal shoots his load onto Dimitri’s waiting tongue and cheek.

Scene Three: Marcelo Masko & Vin Nolan

Tattooed, Colombian decorator Marcelo Masko and photographer Vin Nolan immediately show their kinkier sides, engaging in some prolonged pit licking and nipple play. By the time their pants come off, the two are already hard and ready for some face fucking and ball licking. Marcelo then moves on to Vin’s hairy ass while also making some time to inhale his cock, balls, and lick his feet. The pair then has a slurp-filled 69 filled with dirty talk and multiple positions. As if that wasn’t enough, Vin then pounds and spanks Marcelo’s furry ass to the sounds of Marcelo’s appreciative groans. Vin shoots his wad into Marcello’s wide-stretched mouth, after which Marcelo vocally shoots all over his furry stomach.

Scene Four: AJ Milano, Romario & Valentin

Three international hunks go head to dick, alternately kissing, sucking, and tugging on one another, quickly stripping off Romario’s jeans. AJ, sandwiched between two chiseled 6 packs, moves between Valentin’s and Romario’s huge members, inhaling them with gusto. After several more creative positions in this oral daisy chain, Valentin gives AJ a rapid-fire rim job while AJ continues to devour Romario’s thick cock. Soon enough AJ gets it in both ends, with Valentin in his ass and Romario in his mouth. The scene ends with two thick piles of cum shot onto AJ’s chin, and AJ’s own pop shot on his stomach.

Scene Five: Michael Lucas & Ashland Stone

Michael personally auditions commercial producer and former model Ashland Stone in this audition scene. Ashland begins by deep-throating Michael’s cock like a pro, while also providing some attention to Michael’s feet. He continues his sword-swallowing act while Michael reaches behind and slips a finger into his ass. That finger is soon replaced with Michael’s dick, and Ashland gets a good vocal fucking with a few spanks thrown in for good measure. Ashland’s legs quickly go above his head while taking some balls-deep thrusts. Ashland receives a squatting rim job before getting on his back to take Michael’s tube steak once more, shooting his load over his hirsute chest in the process.