Auditions 25: Fired on the Set

Dear Reviewer:

Lucas Entertainment proudly presents the 25th volume of our award-winning series! We showcase 11 hot guys in 5 steamy scenes for over three hours of hardcore sex! Other highlights include cum shots, facials, foot play, 69ing, blowjobs, ass eating, doggie style, cum eating, deep throating, uncut cocks, tattoos, watersports, and more! In this edition, one stud doesn’t make the cut and it’s caught on tape. Find out why a model is FIRED ON THE SET!

Scene One: These two jump right to business as hunky jock Ago Viara undoes Latin thug Joe Strong’s pants and sucks his big uncut cock right down to the balls. They kiss and lick each other’s chests and armpits, working their way down until they’re engaged in a hot 69. Joe spreads Ago’s legs and spits on his hole before opening him up with his fingers and tongue. Ago takes Joe’s cock doggy-style but flips over to continue the ramming while he cums on his own chest and hungrily eats it. Hungry for more, he sucks Joe’s cock until he blows his load on his face and licks it clean.

Scene Two: Exclusive Michael Lucas and Colby Mitchell start off shirtless, making out in bed until Michael stands up and pushes his dick into Colby's waiting mouth. He continues to hump his face as the two 69, hungrily licking Colby's feet, cock, and hole. Michael sits on Colby's face while he tongue fucks him and spits all over his hole. Colby sucks Michael's cock for a little longer before Michael puts him on his back and shoves his meat deep inside him, twisting and turning to probe his insides. Michael pulls out to ejaculate all over Colby's neck and face before Colby pours his own cum all over himself and Michael feeds it back to him!

Scene Three: Rugged Marco Rodriguez and dark-skinned Eddie Diaz start making out in bed shirtless, with Eddie devouring every inch of Marco's furry chest. Eddie drools all over Marco's cock as the two work their way into an aggressive 69. Marco plunges all the way into Eddie's ass, grabbing his shoulders and neck to fuck him harder as he begs for more. Marco then lays on his back so that Eddie can lay into his ass, his pierced balls bouncing as he pounds him. Marco shoots an impressively huge load all over himself, licking his fingers clean before Eddie pulls out so that the two can share his cum.

Scene Four: Twinkie delight Sean Preston and smooth Mike Adams start out with a sloppy make-out session in bed until the shirts come off and the kissing spreads to both the boys' armpits. Sean straddles Mike's face and humps his mouth, gagging him with his cock. The two move into a 69 with Sean on top until he pulls Mike's ass into the air and spits on it before diving tongue-first into his hole. They swap blowjobs once more before Sean comes on Mike's chest and Mike strokes his load out all over himself.

Scene Five: A romantic make out session between Tucker Forrest and slender Caleb Cole leads to fondling through each other’s jeans. The shirts and pants come off, unleashing the duo’s meaty fleshpoles. Tucker savors every bit of Caleb’s massive dong, sucking all the way to the younger man’s balls. A 69 position shows off every inch of Tucker’s tattooed back, then hungrily laps at his partner’s pits. Tucker also tastes Caleb’s toes!

Scene Six: Punk bad-boy Jason White and seemingly innocent Tucker Forrest engage in a sultry make-out session in bed. Tucker performs a very wet blowjob on Jason, but Jason can't wait to slobber on Tucker's pierced cock. The two lick and suck each other's feet, then passionately kiss and suck on each other’s throbbing dicks. Jason tongue-fucks Tucker's bubble butt before he puts him on all fours, which leads to much needed humping. Finally, he flips Tucker over and pounds him until he cums all over himself, then pulls out to splatter his own hot load all over Jason’s mouth and face!