Auditions 24: Ray Star Bottoms

Dear Reviewer:

Lucas Entertainment proudly presents the 24th volume of our award-winning series, featuring Ray Star’s first ever bottoming scene! We showcase 9 hot guys in 5 steamy scenes (two from Israel!) for a total of three hours of hardcore sex! Other highlights include cum shots, facials, foot play, 69ing, blowjobs, ass eating, doggie style, cum eating, deep throating, uncut cocks, tattoos, watersports, and more!

Scene One: Butcher boy Sean Preston has one thing on his mind – SEX. While disrobing, scene partner Michael Lucas comments on how nice Sean’s sausage is, and the two proceed to make out and fondle each other. The duo then maneuvers into 69ing, followed by Michael slipping his tongue between Sean’s little piggies. Michael then takes a nose dive into Sean’s butthole. They wind up in a doggy style position, and Sean quickly fucks himself on Michael’s uncut tubesteak. Jizz from both studs explodes all over Sean’s muscular chest!

Scene Two: Raven haired Kobi and shaved-headed Din are two former Israeli military studs who can’t get enough of each other. They start making out and then grind against each other’s toned bodies. Kobi unleashes Din’s cock from the confines of his pants and proceeds to deep throat his new buddy’s thick knob and balls. After 69ing Kobi rims Din, but Din would much rather have his cock in Kobi’s ass. Din pounds Kobi from behind, making Kobi scream with pleasure. Din pulls out and shoots directly into Kobi’s mouth, and Kobi releases his load onto his hairy tummy.

Scene Three: Former jailbird Ray Star and newcomer Jackson Wild are primed for this highly anticipated scene. They begin by sucking each other’s faces and whipping out their cocks. Ray gobbles Jackson’s dick and sucks on his nipples while Jackson proceeds to finger Ray’s eager pucker, making Ray moan with delight. Ray arches his back and Jackson slips his thick meat into its newfound home. The two reposition themselves with Ray on his back, who then is happy to continue getting drilled by Jackson. However, Jackson’s ass requires attention, and the two flip fuck with the sounds of Ray’s balls slapping against Jackson’s ass echoing in the room. Ray unleashes torrents of sperm across Jackson’s lips, and the two share a cummy kiss.

Scene Four: After rummaging through an array of anal instruments, brawny BiggPete and Michael Lucas remove their shirts and caress each other’s taught bodies. They make out, finish stripping, and then BiggPete inhales Michael’s foreskined cock, leaving no flesh unsucked. Michael preps BiggPete’s hole with his fingers, and then fucks him with reckless abandon. He even manages to suck on BiggPete’s toes and penetrate him at the same time! Michael then selects a dildo and continues to play with Bigg Pete’s bunghole. Michael proudly empties a wad of cum over Bigg Pete’s tongue, and then fucks BiggPete again!
(Watch Michael piss all over BiggPete in a bonus scene available only in the Director’s Cut!)

Scene Five: Israeli hotties Avi and Morr-Foxx begin their audition with a hot kissing session. Slender and toned Avi unzips Morr-Foxx’s fatigues and slurps his dick. They exchange blowjobs and proceed to 69. Muscular Morr-Foxx rims Avi’s pucker and then slams his dick into him in various positions. The two wrap up by exchange streams of cum on each other’s faces!